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Wow... Labor Day Weekend Is Here... Summer Is Closing


Last updated 8/28/2019 at 3:21pm

I know this weekend means so many things to so many people, maybe it means you see hot air balloons or go to Fall festivals. Harvest time is in full swing and the length of the days will become shorter. You might even smell a crisp fall scent in the early morning breeze, but make no mistake the heat is still with us.

You can still find the alien grasshoppers bouncing inside your car as you cruise down the highway at 60 m.p.h. You tell yourself, "it's fine, they don't bite..." then one of those stupid things jumps into your hair. Yeah, that means a whole new level of panic and then hatred.

Yes, the heat of the day and the cool evenings are glorious, sunsets are gaze-worthy and brilliantly alive. The kids are back in school and some routine is being established again and life is smooth as pumpkin pie... Then Labor Day hits!... and the kids are out of school, life is undone!

Time to pull off one last summer family camping trip for this weekend... yeah for us its our first and most likely the last but we had to do something this year, right? Take a big dumb baby dog... it'll be fun... Oh do stay tuned. I know that this is supposed to be a great time, but I am dreading the headache. But ... I promised happier!

So, we are going away for the summer's last Hoo-Rah, seeing some old friends and just relaxing by a river, what could go wrong? It should be heavenly.

Then we will come back to crazy schedules and our life. I am so glad I have passed the age of wanting to impress other moms on the playground. I do not have to walk my kid to the playground and discuss my plans for a yoga class later in the morning whilst sipping my pumpkin spice, low-fat, caffeine free, no whip, Mom status drink.

Nope, just gimme lots of caffeine and plenty of that fat-filled cream... but please hold the pumpkin. I like pumpkin in my baked goods and even in soup, but not so much in my coffee. The point of coffee, dare I say, is to wake your butt up and give you a boost. So, the stronger the better in my world! Now if you don't drink coffee that's fine with me, I make no judgment about that. But please do not diminish the greatness of that wonderful beverage, all strong and handsome, by decaffeinating it (unless you need to medically, I get that.) I like my coffee hot and strong... these days it does not get strong enough. I see the pumpkin spice is back, the signs are everywhere... doodie for them!

As I brood in my loathing of pumpkin spice coffee, I am simply reminded that no matter what, I love all the colors and smells of fall. The yummy fat-building foods. The wonderful scent of the leaves and the cuddle times in a blanket by a fire pit roasting marshmallows... perfection!

"Atticus, we do not eat logs!"


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