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After 38 years in Business Ink Fountain Owner/"Valley Girl" Sandie Comstock is Ready to Head to the Hills


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News photo by Patricia St. Louis

Sandie Comstock with her best friend Faith

A local icon, Sandie Comstock, long-time owner/operator of Ink Fountain Printing, has announced she plans to retire and is selling the popular business located in Fountain at 721 Dale Street, north of Fountain Middle School.

She and her husband, Jim (aka "Moose") have been building a home in the mountains for several years now, and she said she is more than ready to retire and move there.

Sandie got her start in the Security area where she was raised, attending all of her school years in Widefield School District 3 schools. Graduating in 1973, she started her graphic arts career in high school. Her brother, Bob, also went through the graphic arts program, a few years behind her. Their mom (Betty Freeman) still lives in the house where they were raised, so Sandy shared with a smile, "So you can say 'I'm a Valley Girl.'"

Bob started the printing business in 1981, (38 years ago) then asked Sandie to join him shortly afterward.

"We worked together for many years, then he decided to go into construction work, to be outdoors more," she recalled. " I continued running the business for a few more years then bought him out in 2006."

A lot has changed over time.

"From when we started the business to today, it's a totally a different business, with technology, changing how printing and everything else is done (Printing Presses are pretty much a thing of the past)," she shared. "Now to run this business you do not need those skills at all...everything is done on the computer and copier type machines."

When asked what she has enjoyed the most about serving the local community over the past 38 years, she said "I really like connecting with people... I believe we can all make a difference in someone's lives daily. I have always tried to make people leave in a better mood than when they came in (I'm not perfect at it) but I try."

"Because Nice Matters" has been her motto for many years.

She continued, "customer service has ALWAYS been our thing, and helping customers save money whenever possible. We now doing faxing and scanning, (we didn't even know what those things were when we started)" she said. " We offer UPS services, copies, office supplies, greeting cards and Portrait Canvas prints, Gifts and of course we still do printing (just in a different way).

Regarding the next person to continue this local tradition, she said, "I see a new owner as someone who is positive, enjoys people, helping customers when they can. Someone wanting to be Involved in our community. She foresees the next person to operate the business could even add more services, adding, "there is lots of room to grow here in Fountain."

The cheerful community cornerstone said she can train anyone to do this job, but she cannot train personality.

"I have told my customers I could train the new owner(s) to be sarcastic if they want me to, it always helps to have a sense of humor."

That sense of humor and sarcasm are pretty much expected when regular customers come through the door. Not only do they get greeted with a smile, they can usually catch up on all the news in the city, too. And then there is Sandie's best friend, Faith who herself is a local icon among their customers, as was her doggie sister "Hope" who passed away.

Many of Sandie's customers often bring Faith doggie snacks, knowing she would be waiting to see them and hoping for a treat. Much like it has been a treat for all who entered the doors at Ink Fountain Printing to get to visit with Sandie and Faith!.

"It has been a fun job, and I would be lying if I said I was not going to miss it," she said.

But, it's time for Sandie to "explore me now," she said.

This beautiful photo collage of Sandie's best friends, Hope and Faith, has been on display for many years in her shop. While Hope is no longer around, Faith still greets visitors with a happy bark and tail wag.

" I have spent more than half my life doing this and I'm ready to enjoy my life (however long that will be, only God knows )" she shared. "We (my husband "Moose" and I) have been working bits at a time to build our dream mountain home on property we bought 25 years ago."

She said a lot of underground work preceded the actual building and each step is not cheap ("they call it the Rocky Mountains for a reason."

So they have continued their labor of love building their retirement home in steps.

"Now as we labor to complete the house, our dream is a reality," she said smiling.

"Dreams do come true if you work hard at them. I am looking forward to a quieter life, enjoying the mountain's beauty, and being able to do what I want (lots of things I want to try)," she concluded.

If you are interested in continuing Ink Fountain's long-time tradition Sandy welcomes calls or visitors who would like more information about buying the business. .

One of our Views, front yard is National Forest


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