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Big Baby Dog


September 11, 2019

Well, we survived the Labor Day festivities and now we head into the routines we fall into in autumn, right? Stews and chilis start banging recipes into our heads and our salivary glands begin to beg for them. Breezes might even carry a leaf or two. It's the dawn of a new season.

Oh my word, I must say here, that our big silly baby dog amazed us over the long weekend. He has what is coined, "a shy bladder" he does not like to go potty anyplace but home, in all of our outings and going to classes he would not go but then get very anxious on the dirt roads knowing we were close to home on the way back and when released from the car almost erupt in a 'halleluiah' pee session as soon as his paws hit our back yard. Our family, being the corn balls we are, would make the 'sigh' sound effects for him almost in unison. Riding in our old RV to the campground was a long journey and we stopped many times and let him (and the other two) out and 'shy bladder' would not allow him relief. He finally erupted on a throw rug by the door, we kinda felt so bad for him we just let it go. I am proud to say, he did not have another accident in the RV the rest of the trip. He did not poop for two days and it too finally let loose ... ha ha ha on the walk Old Man took him on... not me, thank the good lord above!... looked like 10 pounds in that bag he took to the trash bin.

He ran through the river and splashed, played and was given his first Cheeto by the kid in the next campsite. His life was awesome, we were proud of him for being so well behaved.

Then we came home. I now have a hole in my carpet in the hallway, yeah he chewed through it, just because. A hole, not a little snag. In the time it took me to go to the potty myself, he chewed a hole about five inches around. Carpet fiber piles all around. Oh yeah, "You live in the country, you need a bigger dog not just little yippers... it'll be fun..." they said.

Life with this big baby dog has been trying and stressful and somedays I think I just might want to throw in the towel, but I don't. I throw my hands up a lot and most days I am left without words for my frustrations. Simply gratitude that we made it through another day and evenings come with other family members home to relieve me so I can go potty or shower or simply let go of my fight or flight syndrome I have developed. If it's quiet, where is Atticus? If you don't see him, where is Atticus? If you are feeling peaceful, where is Atticus? Doze off watching a lawyer commercial or four, an you wake up saying, "Where is Atticus?" Life with this big baby dog has made things.... never dull, that's for sure.

I have had other great things happen, not everything is bad because our house looks like a toddler and a lazy teenager live here... oh, but they do, don't they... but good things ... they do happen.

Just last night I was introduced to "nitrogen ice cream" ... WOW!!!!

Death by chocolate, to die for!!!


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