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Get Out and Vote for Better Infrastructure


September 11, 2019

I grew up in an age when waste not want not was a way of living. If you bought the best you could afford and took care of it you would have it for years.

We can't go back in time and make our roads better from the get go, but we can be better caretakers of what we have inherited. As I walk and talk with residents, I find many complaints about what is wrong in Fountain. Let's look at what is right and work together to put more things in that column. If you see something which is unprofitable and have an idea how to make it better, write an editorial, attend a Council Meeting, talk with your neighbors. Nothing happens if we sit back and complain on social media. No one cares about your sniveling anyway; complainers are a dime a dozen. People who make a difference are those who invest of themselves in a worthy cause.

I have seen the erosion of many of our neighborhood streets and believe me it makes me angry that a city which pushed so hard for growth completely overlooked maintenance. It didn't happen in a week or even a year, but it's now in the rearview mirror. We can complain or do something about it. I realize complaining is easier, so if you are the lazy non achiever type that is all you expect of yourself, but those who like living in Fountain shouldn't pay attention to these types of people. They are not the ones who will make a difference. Those of us who want to live in a place we are proud of must evaluate the facts, face the truth and vote to take care of our investment. That's right Our Investment! Do you own a house here in Fountain? The valuation of your property, and the longevity of your car depend on the streets on which you drive. Why let the complainers run the show. Get out and vote for better infrastructure.

Darrell Couch


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