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October 9, 2019

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The last two weeks I have spent time traveling through South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida for a family vacation with our grown up kids. The water we drank in all of the states had different tastes, smells, and at times, side effects. All of it makes me truly appreciate the mountain water here in El Paso County. At Universal Studios it really reminded hubby and I of pool water, chlorine smell and taste.

We also visited the Kennedy Space Center and I have to tell you this was an awe inspiring and motivational experience! It starts off with an introductory film about the amazing accomplishments of a nation working together to achieve a goal to put an American on the moon within the 1960 decade, and it was done. As the movie ended the screen lifted and there, directly in front of us was the Atlantis Space Shuttle and it was one of those moments that just sends chills down your spine.

We saw a prototype of the Mars Rover that was only expected to last about four months but then it lasted over a decade.

As we worked our way through the center I kept thinking about our global PFAS chemical contaminations, how we have the most deadly and detrimental way of handling our responses to deadly water contaminants. We should test chemicals before releasing to human exposure, and we don’t. Powers that be allow old ways to take precedence over common new rules, “Well, so and so company has always done it and also provides jobs to the community.” We have to stop doing this to ourselves. We are in the moment to literally fix our self destructive behaviors because we deserve it, we can put funding into new scientific breakthroughs to not only filter out contaminants but repair aquifers and drinking water systems AND prevent all future contaminations.

The ionic exchange water filtration system that Widefield Water District installed is ground breaking technology which is being shared with other communities, and we did it here in our hometown!

We literally have one place to live and the resources we have access to throughout the world are not being used correctly. We stopped putting CFC’s into aerosol cans because it was killing our ozone layer, we did it not knowing if the ozone could repair itself but the result was it did repair itself. We have to make immediate changes to how we interact with our environment.

Here are some important dates for you to get more information and get more involved: Thursday, Oct. 17, at 6:30 p.m. is our monthly water coalition meeting at the Fountain Fire Station #1 on N. Santa Fe Ave.

Next, you can attend a City Council candidate forum / debate at the Fountain Library Saturday, Oct. 19, at 6 p.m. This forum will be hosted by myself as well as the (Colorado Springs) Area Labor Council. Our topics will be focusing on environmental protections in our community and the jobs we can create by doing so. And, of course, things that are important to you all.

One of my many favorite quotes is from our very own newspaper founder Carl Wiese, “if you want to build a better world, you start in your own community first.” Thank you so much to Patty St. Louis for allowing space for our Fountain Valley Clean Water Coalition to have a written voice in our community.  


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