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And What Was Here?


November 27, 2019

I often go out and visit spots where I know an event of interest happened. I have on many occasion gone with groups on hikes to interesting locations. On these the question is always,"What happened here?" and what was the story that goes with it.

As a teacher at the school on Main Street, it was interesting to talk about the great "Fountain Disaster" and to show the pictures of the area right where we sat. As often as I have told the story, even in these columns, I bet there are those of you who do not have a clue what I am talking about. I am not going to retell that story today, but only to say big, important things can happen at some spot and they get forgotten.

All around us interesting thing happened. How do we know that? The memories of people who were there, and then. The museum that has been opened a few blocks north of the school where I taught is full of such memories. We are fortunate to have people who have donated these items, as well as those who maintain them.

Years ago I was over behind Snare Realty looking at the railroad tracks when a youngster came by and asked what I was looking for. I showed him a picture of the scene of the "disaster". He said in exclamation, "Wow, where was that!" I explained that it was right where we were standing. He was still pretty well certain that this was not that spot because he had never seen any of it. It took me a while to assure him that indeed a lot of interesting things happened long before he was here. This sort of thing happens all the time, and not just to children.

In a recent column I talked about towns up in Wyoming that I remember, but there is no clue to ever having been there. These spots do not have museums to remind those traveling by of their importance. Fortunately some have had books written about their history, but most do not.


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