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Last updated 4/15/2020 at 12:46pm

Well, I must admit times are curious! I usually talk about the past, but here we are in times that are certainly different. I wonder what they will say about us in a hundred years! I am sure today's school children are going to remember NOT going to school. I have never seen Main Street so quiet. So, just to be different, I was recently thinking about how we got to Fountain.

Even for those of us who have been here a good long time, it is tough to think about the changes. When Fountain first started in 1859, the travelers from the south were traveling up by Fountain Creek from the Pueblo area. This path predates the founding of the railroad in 1870. It was an Indian trail at that time. It followed Old Pueblo Road. The Colorado City road went further north - there wasn't a Colorado Springs until 1871. The area of houses known as Fountain was a couple farm houses until just after 1859. There were no proper streets where the Pueblo Road became the Colorado City road heading for the little town. There was another road that came down another creek, which would be from the northeast. It passed right near the area we know as Metcalf Park. Just south of downtown is where Jimmy Camp Creek meets Fountain Creek, which is where the community of Fountain started.

It is hard to visualize Fountain without Colorado Springs, but this road was as busy as the road up along Fountain Creek. The old road was heading thru the wooded land north of town more than twenty miles. Yes, Fountain got going about the same time Colorado City was started. The north road went up Jimmy Camp Creek toward Black Forest. That was the way the Indians traveled, unless they were going up to Manitou. Remember, even Tate Pass was not where we think of it.

I often hear, "Why are there so few main road east and west?" The majority of the people traveling through this area, until a few decades ago, were mainly going northward or to the south. Denver or Pueblo had the main roads to the east or west. Ute Pass was only used by Indians on horseback until the 1870s when major construction started on the road, where it is now. What we know as US 24 to Limon was just a farm road until the 1940s.

Pretty hard to imagine, but that was pretty much how it was when this place started. While we sit waiting for the world to return to normal, you can ponder how we grew into today's quiet village.


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