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Teachers address unusual end of senior year, graduates' future


Last updated 6/17/2020 at 1:53pm

Courtesy of Nat Sobin

Pomp & Circumstance - COVID-19 style: Mesa Ridge High School seniors are spread out across the school's lawn during graduation June 11, while guests watch from blankets and chairs. The county's rules for graduation changed at the last minute, allowing these seniors two guests each at the ceremony. Other recent graduations, including District 8 in Fountain, had not been permitted guests. While some students are upset that family missed out, many are grateful to have had in-person ceremonies at all during the COVID-19 situation.

Ms. Kassie Crandall has been teaching English for two years and student-taught at FFCHS before teaching eighth grade in Grand Junction for a year. This year, she taught freshmen and seniors at FFCHS. Ms. Crandall is also a coach for Speech and Debate and an adult advisor for Sources of Strength. When asked what she would say to the seniors of 2020, she replied:

"To the class of 2020, my heart breaks for you. I'm so sorry your senior year is ending this way. You are an incredibly resilient group of vibrant young adults. I know you will go on to do amazing things and add great value to society. Keep your heads held high, and know that you are headed for better days!"

Frau Catherine Vrba Christie has been teaching German and I have been learning from her for three years!

"I asked her, what do you believe is a strength of this year's seniors?"

"The Fountain Ft. Carson Seniors of 2020 have a reputation for kindness," said Christie. "In addition, I find they are a resilient bunch, and these two traits will empower them, to not only bounce back from this pandemic we're currently in but also to adapt to the new normal that follows and help others along the way."

Mr. Matthew Kappelmann has taught Global Geography and American Government, but has primarily taught AP World History. He has been a part of the Boys' Basketball program, the AVID site team, Safety Team, and Social Studies Curriculum Alignment Team. This is Mr. Kappelmann's 12th year teaching, and he was a runner-up for the Teacher of the Year Award at FFCHS last year. I asked him what he looked forward to seeing this year's seniors accomplish later in life and Mr. Kappelmann said:

"The thing I most look forward to seeing this year's seniors accomplish later in life is watching them go out and find their purpose. I await being able to see them grow and find a life they love, fits their strengths, and contributes to the needs we have in the word today."



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