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You might not expect great changes after World War II, but some things did improve that you might not have expected. During the war there were a number of hardships the public suffered from. This year, many of us are learning things that most of us see as dramatic. Sixty years ago, the public suffered for six or seven years, not just months like we are now.

I know there were rationing rules, and no new cars. When I read this story, I sort of chuckled. In 1947 the Colorado Springs city bus line got new buses. 10 at first, to replace the city’s “original” buses. The first bus came in 1931 and was pretty much like what we would call a school bus. They carried only about 20 people. They added bigger buses once the street car lines were finally gone. By 1946 the city’s fleet of buses was getting pretty worn. In addition, the town was growing. Before the war, Colorado Springs had just over 30,000 people. It was already starting to near 40,000.

The bus company, an independent operator, not owned by the city, was finally able to order these new bigger replacements from the White Motor Coach Company in the east. When the new ones arrived, they even put one on display. A few years later, several more were ordered to serve Camp Carson and Peterson Field. In the early 1950s more buses were ordered as the demand increased. On some of the busier routes, like Colorado Avenue, there was service every 15 minutes.

These 1946 and 1947 White buses served up into the 1960s, after much overhauling and rebuilding. The company was eventually taken over by the city as ridership decreased. The original bus barn was down on South Cascade, actually part of the former streetcar line’s storage buildings. The last time I was out to a junk yard out east near Garbage Hill, a couple of the Whites were still being used for “parts” storage, as well as a few of their later replacements. This brought back some interesting memories from my time as a regular bus patron! One of my cousins was a bus driver. I had to be sure to behave when riding with him!


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