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Play nice when talking politics


Last updated 9/2/2020 at 11:48am

We are getting very close to voting day – you can feel it, see it and hear it all over the place. We will be voting for the biggest and most important office in our country. It is vital that we all vote and be counted.

Our country has had two major parties for as long as I can remember, and while they never agreed on political issues they always seemed to understand that we ALL are the people of the United States of America and as such we found some unity.

These days our politicians have us so very divided into this side and that. I met a local politician, and he reached out to shake my hand after having been introduced to me and the first thing he uttered to me was a question: Was I a registered voter of his party. When I said that I was not he literally dropped my hand, turned about face and walked away. He could not even muster up any social grace to be polite. This is what is wrong with our politics. I am still a member of this community and my voice should be valued... no matter how I vote.

Our kids are going to school beating their chests about who they would vote for, but when you ask them why they don't know; they just hate the other guy because mom and dad or the TV tells them to.

Our politicians do not stand on their own platforms anymore. They don't tell us what they plan on doing with the power we will bestow upon them if they take office, nope! Instead they tell us all the things the other guy will or didn't do. Pointing at the opponent and making fun of the job they did or the mistakes they made. It's a public office. We saw the mistakes. I mean, we all are inundated with news and social media, none of us really live under a rock, we know about that... What would you do differently and how would that affect me and my family is what I want to know...?

I am so tired of hate slinging! Oh my word! When we behave that way and hiss our ugly comments, make smear posts and memes on social media. Might I add here too, that most of the posts and memes are not proven facts at all and are simply meant to push more hate. Breeding it is what you do when you share it or post it. I have friends on both sides of the aisle that I have unfollowed because I have actually seen posts that say the other view is so wrong that they all should be executed by states as a whole... not the individual but the entire state, it was considered Democrat. I have seen others that literally wished to poison all of the people who were Republican. I have had it with hate!

This, my friends, is NOT a united America; we are no longer Americans but defined more by the party we vote with. We are teaching our children to follow, never lead. Do what the group says, and for whatever reason you must hate the other guys... division is hurting our country more than anything else could right now.

Why bother fighting gang activity? We are practicing that ideology in our homes with our families. We are all either red or blue...

I love this country and ALL of her people... especially those struggling at this moment with the recovery from Hurricane Laura. Can't we all just play nice in the sandbox?

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