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Zucchini contest winners named


Last updated 9/23/2020 at 1:34pm

G. Connor Salter

Alicia Johnson, above, won the prize for heaviest zucchini with her 10.8-pound zucchini. Savannah Robar, right, won the prize for longest zucchini with her 50-inch hanging Italian zucchini.

Today this paper is proud to announce the winners of its annual zucchini contest. The prize for heaviest zucchini went to Alicia Johnson for her 10.8 pound zucchini.

"I watered in the morning and at night, and I made sure they were on the sunny side of the yard," Johnson said. She added that most of her crop this year turned out "pretty big."

The prize for longest zucchini goes to Savannah Robar, for her hanging Italian zucchini which was 50 inches long. Robar grew her zucchini in a roofless greenhouse with cement walls and a drip-take sprinkler system.

"A couple of others we have are nearly as big," Robar said. "Usually, when we keep them on this long, either the deer eat it or they're not this big. So, it was kind of a shock."

G. Connor Salter

James Kulbeth won runner-up for both heaviest and longest zucchini with a plant that was 28.5 inches long, 9.1 pounds in weight.

Robar said she harvested her zucchini at the end of the summer, and thought it was possible cooler weather helped as well.

James Kulbeth took the runner-up spot for both categories, with a zucchini that was 28.5 inches long and weighed 9.1 pounds.

"This one was a surprise, actually," Kulbeth said. "I didn't realize I had anything big until I was preparing for the frost."

When he found out how his crop was doing, Kulbeth covered the plants with double blankets and a tarp to protect them from the freeze. Kulbeth watered his zucchini twice a week and rototilled one area of the garden (he observed that squash and the zucchini in that one area did very well). Although Kulbeth didn't use any fertilizer, compost or other additives on his plants this year, he did use some last year (when he produced a 16.25 pound zucchini that won first place for heaviest zucchini). He suspects those additives were still having an effect.


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