Roll Up Food Truck moves, plans for dine-in restaurant


Last updated 10/15/2020 at 11:51am

G. Connor Salter

Roll Up Food Truck's new location is 301 Main St. in Security.

Roll Up Food Truck has moved to a new location, 301 Main St. in Security. The owners, Bryce Dillingham and Eddie Parliment, purchased the space (which used to be a gas station) and moved their food truck onto the property Sept. 15. They are in the process of converting the store into a dine-in restaurant.

"Our goal has been to open a brick and mortar since day one," Dillingham said. "We weren't sure if we would ever land a spot in the Widefield area because of the lack of commercial real estate, especially buildings that are set up and functional for food service. We happened to get in contact with the gas stations owners and everything fell into place."

The dine-in restaurant is currently slated to open sometime after November 2020 once the indoor dining permits, liquor license and other paperwork is approved.

"Our main goal is to create a neighborhood hangout that this area has needed for so long," Dillingham explained. "We don't want it to be a 'bar scene' necessarily even though we will be selling beer and other drinks. We just want our community to have a place to get some good food, relax and enjoy their time. In the process of doing this we have been forced to level up and really focus on what we are doing to make sure we bring our customers the best Roll Up experience possible."

For the moment, Roll Up's food truck is operating in the lot, and customers can order at the truck and then wait in their cars while employees bring them their food. Roll Up is sharing the space with several other food trucks, using the Facebook page 301 Main Eats to let people know which trucks will be available each day.

"Everything is up in the air about whether or not we will share the space long term," Dillingham said. "Eddie and I have been building Roll Up from essentially nothing for the last three years and finally reaching our goal of getting into a building to open a restaurant was not easy to say the least. The amount of personal sacrifice we have both made as well as the sacrifice our staff has made to make this all happen is pretty crazy now that we look back on it, so making sure we focus on Roll Up and the growth of our business is the main priority. We are working out some permanent or semi-permanent spots for food trucks we have worked with in the past to create a buzz at this location as well as bringing some new food options to the community. Essentially we will keep striving to team up with other food trucks and small businesses up until the point that we need to utilize all of the parking and property space for the restaurant and our customers."

Saturdays at the Square food truck rally will continue in the parking lot by Big R and MoGlo Espresso, but Roll Up will be operating at its new location.

Roll Up Food Truck is open 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday and serves breakfast all day (with lunch starting at 10 a.m.). To learn more, check out their Facebook page or view the menu and contact info at To see which other food trucks will be available at the space, check out 301 Main Eats at


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