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Coronavirus escapes


Last updated 9/30/2020 at 10am

Well, hello everyone! I have been away from my writing for a bit. My heart and mind have been hurting and struggling to find joy. I know I am not alone in this sort of thing. We all struggle or wrestle with demons of our own. Some are even of our own making. Nonetheless, we all struggle from time to time. I have been engaged in such a struggle. I continue to wrestle with my demon but I have chosen to take a break and find some joy and smile more... to try to be thankful.

We have been making weekend getaways in our old RV. It is a great way to take a break from your life and still stay local and do the whole social distancing thing. Occasionally we go with some friends, still remaining distanced but able to visit and laugh together. This is good for the soul. In these times, we need to connect in some way or another with the people in our lives that we care about. I am easily a hermit but also crave time with people that I find pleasantly enjoyable.

This last weekend we took off just to Canon City. We even had a little campfire, (yes, it was a legal fire!). I loved seeing our friends' children making s'mores and inhaling the smell of the fire. The stories we shared around the fire were incredible too, lots of laughs and jokes. The evenings were very cool so the fire felt really nice... until someone threw some trash into the fire. Hack and yuck! I was really grossed out by it, the way it ruined the sweetness and warmth of those moments with stinky plastic melting and making toxic smoke. Then I looked... it was Old Man who threw that in there. Of course! I had to apologize to the kids and make them wait until the plastic was gone before they could safely roast another marshmallow. We had several in our party who were related to or were firefighters and so I was confident in our fire safety. We had waited until the vicious winds died down and the red flag warnings were lifted. It was, overall, a very nice weekend.

On our way home we went through this pizza place. Holy Cow, it was amazing! I am not a huge pizza fan (I know! I have been called un-American because of it). I will eat it, but I am not someone who wants to eat it every week... once a month, at best, for me and then I am particular about it. Certain pizzas are like Chef Boyardee is to homemade pasta and sauce. But this stuff in Pueblo was great: nice fresh crust, perfect amount of sauce, not overly cheesy and topped with green chili! Oh, so good. We had one pizza with chicken and the other with pepperoni both with green chili... to die for, seriously! We ate in the parking lot, in our RV talking to our friends through open windows and full mouths. Moments like that with friends make life better, right?

I am so grateful we have the ability to be flexible and we can adapt to these adverse side effects of the evil coronavirus and all it has done to us.

Chin up, folks. Let's hope for a viciously tundra-like winter to freeze out this virus and allow for us to come out in the spring looking for our shadows. In the meantime, enjoy the leaves.

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