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Gardner, Johnson running for CO Senate Dist. 12


Last updated 10/8/2020 at 3:55pm

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Bob Gardner and Electra Johnson are candidates for State Senate, District 12.

Name: Bob Gardner (candidate for re-election State Sen Dist 12)

Brief work history/related experience/ military service?

Attorney in private practice, 1989-present;  represent small and medium size businesses.

Military service: 

Air Force, Active Duty 1976-1989;

AF Reserve 1989-1998;

Lt.Col. (Retired) - ICBM Missile Launch Officer-1976-78;


Served in the Colorado House-2007-2014;

State Senate 2017-present; candidate for re-election.


Son, Bob Jr., and daughter-in law, April, and grandaughter, Liliana;  daughter, Laura.

How long have you lived in your district? 31 years.

Other related experience/involvement?

Founder and Board Member - Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy, 1994-96;

Current Board Member, Parents Challenge;

Current Board Member, Easter Seals Colorado.

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them?

The most important issues in our district and the state right now are getting the economy moving once again and dealing with the uncertainties in K-12 education due to the pandemic.  I believe we should do everything possible to get our businesses and schools open as quickly as possible, with due care for public health and safety.  From the beginning of the pandemic, I have been concerned that restrictions that are not well thought out or supported by data and evidence may do more harm to our society overall than the pandemic.  Without carefully drafted policies, we may and probably have done more damage to our State and the economy overall than the pandemic has done during the shutdown.  This is a careful balance, but many businesses have and will fail and jobs and livelihoods have been lost, never to be regained.  In the next legislative session, I will introduce a bill to require more public participation and transparency in the executive branch in issuing executive orders and emergency health orders during lengthy emergencies.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running:

I am a conservative who believes in free markets, limited regulation, and limited taxation.  I support our police and have worked for public safety and the rights of crime victims.  I stand firmly for my conservative principles, but am also willing to work with those who do not agree with me when we can find matters on which we can agree.  I have passed significant legislation to provide services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to improve mental health services in Colorado.

I am running to preserve and promote the basic freedoms, liberties, and economy of Colorado for my children, my granddaughter, and all Coloradans. 

How can voters contact you?

email: [email protected]; phone: 719-491-5705


Name: Electra Johnson

Brief work history/related experience/ military service?

Electra Johnson has deep roots in Colorado.  Her maternal great grandfather was a "Wobbly" during the Southern Colorado Coalfield War.  Her paternal grandfather was an artist as well as a Lt. Colonel and decorated fighter pilot in the Air Force. Johnson is an independent voice and third generation Colorado native. At 18 months, Electra lost her mother to suicide; but her strong community and rural roots gave her resiliency to grow fearless. From bucking bales and irrigating fields as a kid, to years of work as a project manager, architectural and urban designer, Johnson is a team player, a bridge builder, a solution architect and a visionary. Electra's experience ranges from large scale regional infrastructure planning, transportation planning, to working with teams of people to transform cities, communities and solve problems with extremely limited budgets as well as multi-million dollar long-term projects. Electra has also lived on five continents and chose to come back to Colorado mountains, to the freedom of the wind in the Ponderosas and the bright stars overhead to raise her family with her husband Scott Johnson, also a Colorado native, an artist and professor at Colorado College. Integrity, dignity, collaboration and listening guide Johnson's approach to service and to leadership.

She has practiced Urban & Architectural design for the last 20 years.  As an urban designer, her focus is the use of regenerative design that transforms society and nurture community.  She has a Master's degree in Urban Design and in Architecture as well as Bachelors Degrees in Construction Management and Interior Design.  Her varied experience bridges architecture and urban design with a particular focus in Infrastructure. Her community design work focuses on the overlapping process and systems of community based regenerative infrastructure including; transit, sustainable building form, local sustainable agriculture, cogeneration, solar and wind energy, natural water treatment, civic infrastructure, local economic infrastructure, habitat and waterway restoration as well community restoration.  

 In Colorado she has written, illustrated and co-authored codes, guidelines and standards for the city of Thornton, Westminster, Boulder, and developments in Bradburn and Belmar.  She was a team member for the Huerfano County Parks and Recreation Master Plan and won a governors award for her work with at risk youth in the community taking forgotten places and making them precious again.  She has worked in Rocky Mountain National Park developing guidelines and a master plan for the Trail River Ranch Educational Facility. Nationally she has written standards, codes, overlay district plans, guidelines and master plans for the city of Honolulu, Dallas, Houston and Austin, Texas.   She was on the Smart growth task for the EPA. 

Family info .: I have a wonderful, supportive, loving husband who is a professor at Colorado College and an artist. We have one son, who is a very active, creative, amazing 8-year-old.  We have three dogs and two cats. 

How long have you lived in your district?

I am a Colorado native, but I have lived in El Paso County and my district for 13 years. 

Other related experience/involvement?

I am the chair of the El Paso County Democratic Party, vice chair of CD5, JD4, and a precinct organizer.  I sit on the state platform committee, state executive committee and state central committee. 

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them?

We have got to take our Democracy back into the hands of people. Our country is at a boiling point and right now we must stand up regardless of party affiliation to the destructive forces that work working behind the scenes trying to figure out how to squeeze just a little more blood from the American people, gut the health care system, destroy public schools, trash the EPA and the environment and make the future for our children that much more challenging. We don't need another lost generation, like the generation the Eleanor Roosevelt spoke about, my grandmother's generation who had no options coming out of the depression, we need leadership with vision that is going to build labor unions like the ones that my immigrant great grandfather, a wobbly union organizer fought so hard for in the southern coalfield wars against Rockefeller, the labor unions that outlawed child labor and gave workers rights and built the American Dream. We are in a place of huge transformation and we must work to ensure that where we end up benefits people and our environment and doesn't leave such a catastrophic mess for our children to clean up.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running: 

I am a third generation native Coloradan. I am running for Colorado State Senate because I believe in service.  I am a mother, a professional woman, and an advocate for children and the elderly. As a construction manager, architectural and urban designer every position I have ever held has been a position of listening and of service. I deeply care about our community, our natural world and the future for our children.  I believe in taking care of the vulnerable members in our society; people on fixed incomes, the elderly, the mentally ill, single mothers, students graduating from college starting out with huge student loans and families, people suffering from homelessness and those who have lost their jobs because of COVID-19, or worse yet are drowning in medical bills because they got the virus. I believe that our children deserve a fighting chance to make it in this world.  

I know that everyone is standing on the backs of those who came before, be it rich parents, or poor parents, or ancestors who scrimped and saved and lost everything in the depression or those who happened to ride the wave of the American Dream of prosperity.  It is much easier to start out life with no school loan debt and a home that is paid off and childcare that is affordable and, than it is to start crushed under a predatory system that is based on free-market boot strap ideology.  It is hard to pull yourself up when every system put in place has a boot on your head or a target on your back.

I had no intentions of getting involved in politics and I am an unlikely candidate; over the last 4 years since I have been involved in the sandwich generation; as a parent and also caring for my dying elderly grandmother, but I could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch corporate greed destroy my country and my world. 

How can voters contact you?


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