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Bradfield, Rosenbaum, Seebeck vie for HD21


Last updated 10/19/2020 at 5:55pm

Editor's Note: This is the third in our series of candidate profiles for the upcoming General Election on Nov. 3. Below are the candidates' responses to our questionnaire.

Name: Mary Bradfield

Brief work history/related experience/ military service? I am a retired middle school teacher with nearly 30 years in the Harrison School District 2. As the wife of a career U.S. Army soldier, we came to Fort Carson in the mid 1980s and knew this would be our "forever home."

Family info.: I am widowed, have one son who is married with two children.

How long have you lived in your district? I have lived in this district for over 30 years.

Other related experience/involvement? I am a member of First Presbyterian Church and have served as a deacon.

I have been a long time volunteer for the El Paso County Republican Party and have served as Precinct Leader, Division Leader, House District officer, County Party Secretary and Vice-Chair.

I currently serve on the Widefield Water and Sanitation District Citizen's Advisory Committee.

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them? Affordable housing. I want to work with all concerned from the state to the local municipal level to find solutions.

Mental Health. Mental health is critical for our safety and community wellbeing. I will work with all stakeholders to develop solutions that will benefit all our citizens.

Public Safety. We know that clean water, safe schools and support for our first responders are vital to the strength of our community. I will always fight for a safe Fountain Valley.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running? I am running to be the next House District 21 Colorado State Representative because I know I can make a difference for the people of this area. I have a great knowledge of the issues this district faces and can bring people together to create solutions for the benefit of all. My strengths include having an open mind, willingness to listen, and ability to collaborate with the many stakeholders of this district.

How can voters contact you?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 719-330-6732

Website: www.

Name: Liz Rosenbaum

Brief work history/related experience/ military service? I have had several directions in my pursuit of community service, from licensed home daycare, high school history teacher, small business owner, and now running for House District 21. I have always had a passion and drive to work with other community members for fair and equitable access to opportunities to make us all successful.

Family info .: My husband Dan and I met in high school, then got married a few years later. He joined the Army and we moved from Iowa to Georgia and later to Germany, finally bringing us here to Colorado in May 2000 where we decided to plant our roots in the Fountain Valley area in 2003. We have two amazing adult kids, our daughter Sammie is completing her Master's degree next year and she and her husband Alain had to postpone their wedding celebration to next year (COVID). Our son Alexz is in the Navy and just graduated his training and is heading to his first duty station soon. Dan and I have settled into a rural homestead and we are enjoying the entertainment of our newest rescue dogs we adopted this year and a flock of hens. I'd like to get some cute goats, but we aren't that far yet.

How long have you lived in your district? We moved to Widefield as a young family in 2003 after Dan's Army service, then once the kids all moved out for college and the military, we moved into the country for star gazing and homesteading opportunities. I grew up on a farm in Iowa and he grew up in the logging woods of Arkansas, so we both wanted something quiet and still in the Fountain Valley area.

Other related experience/involvement? I have always been involved in community organizing. When I was younger, it was fundraising for church activities and 4-H, then as a young military wife I worked with other home day care providers to have the children playgrounds updated and fixed so our kids would be safer. I was a team coach for my kids with the Widefield Community Center, Marching Band Mom "Momma Rose, and an ROTC Mom "RosenMom" for more fundraising, chaperoning and endless rehearsals and performances to watch. In 2016 when we were contaminated, I did what I always do: get with other neighbors and figure out how to fix it. Little did I know that this "how to fix it" was going to last as long as it has, but I am impressed with the work our community has done together from local to state to federal participation, contacts, and new legislation. I am a committed community member, and I do the necessary tasks to ensure we can all have access to the things we need to be successful here.

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them? In our community and across the state we desperately need to fix the funding provided to our public school systems so our teachers, education assistants, bus drivers, and others directly working with our children are paid a fair wage and salary. Our state has underfunded our education system for decades, which has left our teachers the lowest paid in the nation. We cannot allow this catastrophe to continue anymore, and I propose a house bill to increase their pay with the corresponding adjustments for educators who have received Masters degrees and have not yet been compensated for it due to lack of proper funding.

Another piece of legislation I will introduce, is a statute of limitation change for litigation from two years to five years for people who have been contaminated. People who have an injury as a result of an auto accident have three years to file a claim. As is the case in our community, most health effects are cancers, autoimmune diseases, or many other health issues that sometimes take years to diagnose and connect to a contamination. We need a fair balance of litigation and legislation to protect our working families.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running? I am running for House District 21 again because we really do need fair representation in our community. I am not a "bought and paid for" candidate by special interests. I ran in 2018 because during one of our coalition meetings we learned we did not have the right laws to protect us or our water. Even though I did not win I still persisting in getting the major pieces of legislation initiated and brought in every working group, college, and citizen to make it happen. We have so much more to do together, and if you are like me, sick and tired of party line politics, then I need your vote because I will truly represent our community. You all have seen me throughout the years, still organizing, and working, and doing the next steps WITH you. And that is what we need here, committed and united neighbors looking out for each other.

How can voters contact you?

Cell: 719-661-5108

Email: [email protected]


Name: Michael Seebeck

Brief work history/related experience/ military service? Twenty-four years as a software engineer supporting various DOD/USAF programs in space and intelligence.

Family info.: Married 23 years, two children (one deceased).

How long have you lived in your district? 1999-2003, 2011-now and beyond.

Other related experience/involvement? Past member of HOA Board, multiple roles in the Libertarian Party both local-level and state-level in two states. Those included rewriting Bylaws and Covenants in the HOA and Bylaws and Platform planks at the local, state and national levels in the Libertarian Party. I know how to make the sausage.

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them? Infrastructure, jobs, medical care, and rolling back state interference in local affairs. My approach would be to reform CDOT such that it addresses infrastructure on a county-by-county basis, working with counties and municipalities for their best interest, reform DORA in a similar manner since it is bloated and unhelpful to local economic growth, getting a full hospital established in the Fountain Valley for its non-military residents, and repealing the emergency powers that the governor has abused with instead delegating those powers to the county and municipalities where they can be best addressed in an effective, more accountable, and appropriate manner.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running? I am a 36-year resident of Southern Colorado who has made it his home. I have seen the Fountain Valley grow and have growing pains, and also seen it get ignored in the county's and state's pecking orders, which is a major source of those growing pains. I want to see the Fountain Valley be properly recognized and rewarded for the great district that it is, including helping it catch up in its overdue development of infrastructure and industry diverse from Fort Carson, to make this wonderful area even better. That means representing the entire Fountain Valley and not a political party, and that also means putting the district first. We've come a long way, but the future is also bright if we can get government to work for us and not against us. That may sound strange coming from a Libertarian, but one of the principles of good governance is correct governance in both scope and level, and that is the reform effort that is badly needed, not just for the Fountain Valley, but for the entire state.

How can voters contact you?

Email: [email protected];

Phone: 719-464-2120 (cell, texts good)

Seebeck for CO House 21 on Facebook.


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