Freeland challenges Lamborn for District 5 seat in Congress


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Editor's Note: This is the fourth and final article in our series of candidate profiles for the upcoming General Election on Nov. 3. Below are the responses we received from candidates based on a standard questionnaire sent to everyone.


Jillian Freeland

Brief work history/related experience/ military service?

Private practice midwife.

Entrepreneur - owned and operated Babies at Home Midwifery Services.

Extensive service industry experience - I've done everything from scrubbing toilets to painting houses to baking bagels.

Family info.:

Spouse: Dylan

Two daughters, Vianne (5) and Maeve (2)

How long have you lived in your district?

7.5 years.

Other related experience/involvement?

El Paso County Board of Adjustment

El Paso County Community Corrections Board- assisted with the development and implementation of an evidence-based decision making tool to limit bias and ensure board members understand factors predictive of success or failure in the community corrections setting.

President, Cuchares Ranch Homeowners Association

Community organizer: planned dozens of Congressional office visits, three Women's Marches, and various social, economic, and environmental justice efforts.

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them?

People are concerned about public health, the economy, education and national security; step one is to elect a government that will put people first.

We need comprehensive coverage for every person that includes the full slate of services, regardless of employment status; preventive care, reproductive services, mental healthcare, addiction treatment, vision, dental, audiology and prescription coverage must all be standard. We must remove the barriers at work in our system that encourage people to delay seeking care; deductibles and copays have to go!

Our economy has been rocked by the COVID pandemic. In the short term, we need to pass a stimulus bill that includes boosted unemployment payments so that families don't lose their homes and can keep food on the table. We need to support small businesses as we all make adjustments to the way we shop, eat and recreate so that they don't have to close but we don't contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. Paycheck Protection Programs need to prioritize ACTUAL small businesses, and not allow banks to prioritize their larger clients for loans and leave mom and pop shops behind.

We need to fully and equitably fund education. This was a problem before the pandemic, and it has only become more clear as we try to navigate online schooling and outfitting classrooms with the PPE that is critical to protecting our communities. Every kid needs an excellent education, and we have to give schools the resources they need to succeed!

The volatile approach that the Trump administration has taken toward foreign policy has alienated many of our allies. We need to focus on diplomacy rather than picking unnecessary fights and damaging long-standing, mutually beneficial alliances. We need to make sure that the brave Americans who volunteer to serve in our military are paid appropriately; far too many families of active-duty enlisted service members are forced to rely on food stamp benefits and struggle to meet the high cost of living in Colorado. We need to stop allowing the Trump administration to subvert monies appropriated by Congress as they did when they pulled funding for planned military construction projects- including $8 million dollars from Peterson Air Force Base. Finally, we need to invest in domestically-produced clean energy to end our dependence on foreign oil and increase our national security, following the model provided by Fort Carson.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running?

I'm a private practice midwife, coupon-clipping mama, and proud Coloradan; I'm running to continue building a healthcare system that puts patients first, to guarantee clean air, water and food to future generations, and to make sure our government and economy work for everyone!

Why are you the better candidate than the incumbent?

I believe in the job title: Representative. Foremost, the responsibilities of the office include being responsive to constituents, which requires talking to the people in the community and putting the values of the district to work on Capitol Hill. I am committed to holding 10 town halls in every term and two general election debates every cycle. This allows constituents to share their concerns, hold me accountable, and make an informed decision at the ballot box. Doug Lamborn has not debated in a general election in 12 years, and has not held a town hall in three. The people of the district deserve a Representative who will show up for the community.

How can voters contact you?

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (719)400-9468


Name: Doug Lamborn

Brief work history/related experience/ military service?

• Graduated from the University of Kansas with a Journalism Degree (as a National Merit Scholar

• Earned a law degree from the University of Kansas

• Practiced business and real estate law

• Served in the Colorado General Assembly from 1995 to 2006, in both the State House and State Senate

• Served as the House Minority Whip

• Elected Senate President Pro-Tem

• Served as the Chairman of the Senate State Military and Veterans Affairs Committee

• Served as the Chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus

• Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006 to represent Colorado's Fifth District

• Member of the House Armed Services Committee

• Ranking Member on the House Armed Services Committee's Subcommittee on Readiness

• Serving on the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee

• Member of the House Committee on Natural Resources

• Serving on the Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee

• Serving on the Water, Oceans, and Wildlife subcommittee

• Current Member of the: Republican Study Committee, Co-Chair of the Missile Defense Caucus, Founder of the Sovereignty Caucus, Co-Chair of the Republican Israel Allies Caucus, Co-Chair of the House Values Action Team

Family info.: Jeanie and I have been married for 44 years and have five children and six grandchildren.

How long have you lived in your district?

We made Colorado Springs our home in 1986.

Other related experience/involvement?

Throughout my time in public service, I have been a leader on pro-family, pro-life, and small business issues. I am a strong advocate for our veterans and our military, and a supporter of lower taxes, immigration reform, less government spending and protection of the Second Amendment.

What issues do you feel are most important to the citizens in your district right now? And what would be your approach in dealing with them?

My focus has been and will continue to be ensuring that Colorado Springs is the permanent home for Space Command. This will ensure economic growth and prosperity for our community for decades to follow. With my position on the House Armed Services committee, I remain focused on making sure that the needs of our military are met.

What have been your biggest/proudest accomplishments in office so far?

On my second day in office, I filed a bill to establish a national cemetery in the Pikes Peak region. It has been an honor to bring the Pikes Peak National Cemetery to veterans and their families in Southern Colorado. In May of 2018, the cemetery opened to the public and now has interned over 1,400 veterans. This hollow ground will serve our veterans and their families for generations to come. Additionally, since being elected to office in 2006, I helped bring $3 billion in military construction and funding to the Pikes Peak region.

Please sum up "who you are" to the voters in a brief comment, and why you are running?

I support the free market, have never voted for a bailout, and have never voted for a tax increase. As a champion for individual liberty, I voted against Obamacare and support its repeal and replacement. I am a rock-solid defender of the Second Amendment. I have been an outspoken leader for smaller government, lower taxes, pro-family issues and a robust national defense.

How can voters contact you?

Lamborn for Congress

P.O. Box 64107

Colorado Springs, CO 80962


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