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Not a very cheerful time of year


Last updated 10/28/2020 at 9:28am

Wow, what a week, huh? We have had frigid temperatures and (depending on where you live) varied amounts of the white stuff. As is Colorado's tradition, it is freezing cold for Halloween and all the little tykes have to try to trick or treat all bundled up in their winter garb. This year, although trick or treating is being discouraged because of COVID, I don't think the forecast is calling for such a deep freeze on Halloween night. I bought candy because I always do, despite not having had one ghoul or goblin since I moved out here. This year we were supposed to go on our final camping weekend for the season on Halloween. I figured I would give candy to anyone at the campground that was interested, mostly our adult friends going. We have since cancelled those weekend plans, but not because of the cold. Early in the week we got news that the pastor who married Old Man and I passed away; COVID took him. It was a sad day to say the very least. Though we knew of underlying health issues, it does not lessen the blow that death brings.

Two days ago, I read about a fatal car accident on my social media that happened on Marksheffel Road. How awful it sounded and I remarked about it to my daughter. It left my mind after that. Until I got a phone call from a friend later that night, who told me about the accident and the person who passed was one of our friends with whom we often camped. The whole family was in the car.

She was a vibrant, beautiful woman who was proud of her Navajo blood and of her family whom she loved fiercely. She had served in our armed forces with her husband and was now living a civilian's life still at his side. Together they had two teenage sons and a while ago decided to take in three littler ones from a family member. Their family grew from four to now seven. The love and respect were so evident in all the smiles as we spent time together. She was so comfortable in her skin and held nothing back. All of her children loved her endlessly. I enjoyed spending time with her and we were getting to know one another rather well, I think. I called her friend.

She was honest and open; I could ask her anything, even a controversial Native American topic. She answered with honesty and pride. She never belittled my questions and I think she felt it better that I be in the "know" than to remain ignorant and maybe say or do something that would make others feel uncomfortable - an attribute I greatly admire in any human!

Now life for those five young hearts left behind has to be reassembled. Their father now has not got his teammate to help comfort those little hearts while his is so very broken as well. I keep sending positive thoughts and prayers in their direction. I pray too for their dad to grow longer arms, to be able to hold all five children during the mourning period that we all know can vary in time. May God bless them all with comfort and strength.

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