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Hole in the Mountain


Last updated 11/17/2020 at 4:18pm

I know a bunch of you know something about this hole. I have been asked about it several times over the years. I recently heard another story about it.

There is a tunnel up on Pikes Peak that has an odd history. It is often said it was going to be a railroad tunnel, or that it was just a gold mine prospecting hole. It is called the Oil Creek Tunnel. The tunnel is above Timberline, south of Glen Cove. People started the tunnel before they found gold at Cripple Creek, which adds to the confusion with going there! If it was supposed to be going to Cripple Creek, the tunnel there would have been very long – over 4 miles.

The tale about looking for gold on Pikes Peak makes more sense as to the tunnel's location, and soon after the miners discovered a few things about the mountain. There is no gold in the rock in the mountain, and some of the rock is really hard. In the 1930s, a trail from Glen Cove was built to the spot. Some of the old mining equipment was abandoned when they hit the water. The major item is an old steam boiler. In several stories I have heard, it moves until the strength of whoever found it gives out. I hear it was "lost" in the trees for several years. The weather has caused most of the destruction of the camp, but I have heard of several interesting souvenirs being found. There is still water coming out of the Oil Creek Tunnel.

However, this is not the hole I'm writing about today. This is the famous hole under Cheyenne Mountain. It was dreamed up in the 1940s, but not actually started until the 1950s. It really is a big hole, and it was finished in the 1960s. It was the home for the North American Defense Command (NORAD) to see what the whole North American air defenses looked like. In the late 1960s our computer age brought big changes. Even bigger changes came when the Cold War changed! For a while they even thought of shutting the big entry door and leaving it, but today it is still used. The remains of NORAD were moved to Peterson AFB, but every now and then the modern use of the hole is mentioned. Maybe even some of you work there. It is indeed a fascinating hole.


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