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It's your funeral ... uh, wedding


Last updated 11/17/2020 at 3:56pm

Here we are in the middle of November, and who would have thought that way back in May or even in March we would be where we are today. COVID the Creep is still breathing down our necks and sending all our familiar parts of life into a whirlwind of adjustments and fear coupled with confusion. I am so over it!

I have personally lost three people in my circle to the virus and countless many who have battled and thankfully won against that 'Rona Beast.

In an odd way life still does go on; I mean, we had grass growing, flowers blooming, and babies being born in the same hospitals where life was being lost. We still plan our futures and create savings for the future vacations we want to take, right? We still try to keep our eyes on the horizon and know that eventually we will arrive and be washed in the light at the end of the tunnel... What a gloriously joyous time that will be!

I have a goal now set for that day when we can bask in "the end of the tunnel light" – yes, I do. My son is engaged now; he asked his girlfriend of two years to be his bride. They have decided to do a courthouse wedding and will arrange for a big celebration after all of this is over and they can come back from Washington and do it here amongst family and lifelong friends... Of course, I already spoke to my future daughter-in-law about what kind of dress she may be thinking of because that really sets the tone for any wedding. She sent me a picture of a gorgeous lace mermaid style gown... in black. I took a minute to look at it, very feminine and elegant... but black... It just does not scream "YAY" to me. So, I asked ... "Very pretty, you want it in black?" She says, "Yeah, I look so washed out in white."

Do not get me wrong here, I am not trying to control this wedding, it is not mine. But black...

I also never expected a traditional white full gown – not the style she would wear – so I kept my mind open (as much as I could) and told her my honest opinion... "Dollface, I can see you in a deep purple velvet with some black lace and sheer accents." She replies with, "Hmm, I could get behind that." Yay! Avoiding the assumption of the gloom of black!

So now I am in a frantic search for gowns of this nature less black than purple and try to see if there are any pictures of anyone having done this before... It's a mother's way to gently nudge her children and prospective spouses into the world as the world needs them to be ... I encourage individuality and will embrace the darker colors of the event, but it should not look like a funeral... God knows we will have a lot of funerals to do when we are able to safely gather and celebrate the lives that have been lost during this pandemic. A wedding should embrace the light a bit more and look joyful... Am I awful for thinking this way? Maybe I need another cup of coffee... or four more while I contemplate what I see for this wedding... NOT controlling... nope! Deep purple in the fall would be very pretty though...

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