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Widefield High grad missing two months


Last updated 12/23/2020 at 10:56am

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Christine Pierce has been missing since October.

Christine Pierce, a woman who attended Widefield High School and is well known on the Colorado Springs music scene, has been missing since Oct. 16. An experienced drummer, Pierce's friends and family realized she was missing when she failed to show up for a band rehearsal the same day. They quickly began searching for Pierce, and passed the word along to other people to look for her. Many people put pink light bulbs in their porch lights and pink ribbons on trees to raise awareness about her disappearance.

According to Pierce's friend Brian Krewson, Pierce was last seen several blocks from her home, the Albany apartment building in Colorado Springs. Krewson helped to organize searches of surrounding neighborhoods, and Pierce's family decided to hire a private investigator. On Oct. 29, Pierce's niece, Sabrina Cooke, organized a GoFundMe page to raise the necessary funds to hire the investigator. Local musicians helped raise money to hosting the #Play4Pierce Jam & Show at Legends Rock Bar (2790 Hancock Expressway in Colorado Springs) on Nov. 7. Randall Fishburn Jr., whose family owns Legends Rock Bar, gave a few details.

"The show was an open jam-styled show featuring local bands The Punch Clock Heroes and He Kill 3," he said. "Christine's favorite nights were open jam nights where musicians from all around can come together and jam, so the night was based around that."

Ultimately, the event raised over $400, with many people also donating directly to the GoFundMe page. As of Dec. 22, the fund has raised over half of its $10,000 goal.

Various local musicians used Facebook to spread memories about Pierce. Joe Shadowens posted the following on Oct. 27:

"I remember the first time I met Christine. Playing for a Santana cover band just killing it on the bongo drums! I remember shaking her hand and thinking I was holding the hand of a brick mason from all the calluses from playing drums for so many years. She inspired me so many times to be a better person and musicians and absolutely lives to perform. She never said no to a song, a gig or a friend in need. Her can-do attitude, strength, skill and passion serve as an inspiration to us all!"

Brian Krewson is the lead singer for the blues and rock band Riverbotton, and remembers meeting Christine four years ago when she came with a friend to audition for the band.

"From the minute she sat down, there was absolutely no question of whether or not we'd be working with her," he said.

Krewson and Pierce are the only remaining original members of Riverbottom. Pierce also played drums with the Colorado Springs bands Sargents Sargent and George Duncan and the Moonlighters. According to Krewson, this only gives a taste of her involvement in the Colorado Springs music community.

"She was loved and respected by everybody in it," he said. "Anybody, and I mean anybody who needed session work, who needed a sit-in artist, she is always the first phone call and she's more than happy to do it. You ask what projects has she worked with, I find it very difficult to think of any major project in or around Colorado Springs that hasn't worked with Christine at one point in time or another. She's one of the most prolific session players."

A Facebook group, "Where is Christine Pierce?" was set up on Oct. 21 and collects well wishes, news footage about the search and any new tips. As of press time, the group ( has over 900 members. Krewson, who is leading the civilian side of the search, posted an update on Dec. 14 stating that Pierce's family had moved her belongings from her apartment purely to keep them somewhere more secure.

"This should not be interpreted as any type of closing of efforts to find answers," Krewson wrote. "The family also wanted me to convey their love to all of you for your continued vigilance. The outpouring of love and support has been heartwarming. Christine is truly loved by this community, and we continue to search for answers."

This publication contacted the Colorado Springs Police the week of Dec. 11 for comment. The department's public affairs section stated that as of this time, they have no new information for public release. Krewson said he and others have searched for Pierce along any of her established travel routes, and he gets daily calls from people reporting sightings of her. He follows up on these sightings as much as possible, but none of them have been correct so far. He also stated that the private investigator has gone through most of the information that the civilians have also examined.

"The police have been working with the family and they have maintained that they have been making significant progress," Krewson said. "But with their inability to comment on active investigations, they haven't provided any details about what that might look like. As a community at this point, we're pretty much relegated to waiting for what the police can determine. We have no more new information to go off of from our end. We have no new leads that would suggest a new area where we can start searching or canvassing... We're very much still holding out hope and still holding vigilance."

Krewson emphasized that he represents the civilian side of the search, and he's doing everything he can to work with authorities.

"We're all on the same team here," Krewson said. "I do try to keep the police updated, I get calls on a semi-regular basis from the police, perhaps asking for additional information, and I always relay any new or verifiable information I've collected. There are no competing teams here. We all just want Christine to come home."

To report any sightings, contact the Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000. To get involved in the civilian side of the search, contact Brian Krewson at 719-237-7614. To donate to the GoFundMe project, go to


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