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Did we miss the 2021 bus?


Last updated 1/19/2021 at 4pm

I hope everyone has sufficiently recovered from the holidays, both physically and financially, and has begun to enjoy the new year of 2021...

We had such hopes for the turnaround and repair of all the things lost and broken in 2020, didn't we? Well, it started off just as if 2020 never ended and we are still in the month of December waiting upon the sweet relief of a new year. I feel like we may have missed the bus.

I do not really care who the people were that stormed the capital, what political party they were associated with, what organization may have brought this about, or whose words may have incited those actions. They were AMERICANS as far as I know that turned against their own country with intent to harm... it seems! I am not sure we have seen nor heard all of the facts in this case. I do mean FACTS, not rumors on social media or some backroom conspiracy theory. I believe facts and listen closely to them. Then I form an educated opinion. It's the best kind of opinion to have, unbreakable when you know the truth, am I wrong? So, hang on and be patient. We are all Americans and the Red and the Blue and the White are the colors we each should be rallied behind now. In unison as a united nation we can stand, remember those words? "One Nation under God... Indivisible... with Liberty and Justice for ALL." Live this every day!

Four years ago, I remember the grumbling of our nation as we voted in the president and at that time, I wrote about no matter what your opinion is, the president is a position of the highest regard in our nation and who fills it should be honored. The same holds today.

Weather you voted one way or the other, this is the president now. In four years, you can vote again and we will see what happens. Four years is not a lifetime. You can do this because you are strong and you are capable but most of all you are American and we need not lose sight of this!

I think in all honesty, we should go back to teaching our kids what loss is, what it means to graciously lose. Do not give everyone a trophy for participation equally across the board. No! Give an MVP trophy, give a winning trophy...Learn to win and LOSE with grace and style. Something we have really lost sight of.

We teach equality to our kids; love your neighbors be they red, green or purple and to respect the different faiths that they may have. We teach them that our differences are what make us so unique. We tell our children that God loves us all equally, out of one side of our face. Then the other side of our face spews hate for people because they do not share our political beliefs – but they are our neighbors, and part of our church congregation. We walk next to them in the markets and sit beside them when we watch the 4th of July fireworks and eat our hot dogs. We all are on the same team in the big picture.

This paper comes out on Inauguration Day. I hope the readers will be mindful of who is watching you, as you say goodbye to one president and hello to another. Peace!

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