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Fountain Utilities warns of shady solar sales


Last updated 4/2/2021 at 10:55am

City of Fountain Utilities has been informed that there are several solar power companies within our community that are providing information to our customers that is misleading and is not accurate.

Utilities officials ask that residents and businesses be vigilant and take the precautions when contacted by solar power companies requesting access to your property and incoming electric utility lines. Please be aware:

· The city of Fountain is not promoting or requiring the installation of solar power and you will not be approached by a city of Fountain employee soliciting installation of a solar power system to your property.

· Installing individual solar power systems is not a city initiative and is the sole decision of the property owner.

· Access to or work on the electric meter and the incoming service line must be performed by a City of Fountain Utilities Department employee. Should anyone other than a City of Fountain Utilities Department employee cut the meter seal and/or remove the electric meter or cut the incoming service lines, a tampering fee will be assessed in the amount of $500.

· Should you (the property owner) decide to add a new solar power system or upgrade an existing system; the solar contractor is required to contact the Electric Department at 719-322-2092 to ensure compliance with all City of Fountain rules and regulations. Contacting the City of Fountain will help you to avoid tampering charges and prevent potential safety hazards. All electrical work performed within the City of Fountain Electric service territory requires a Pikes Peak Regional Building Department permit and inspections must be completed prior to the restoration of your electric service.

· To obtain your past electric usage information requires the customer whose name is on the utility account to contact the City of Fountain Utilities Customer Service. Customer data will only be provided to the customer.

· If someone comes to your door and identifies themselves as a utility worker, always ask for photo ID before allowing any utility worker into your home or business. All City of Fountain staff carry City-issued identification.

· If you have any doubts or questions about someone selling solar power systems, please contact The City of Fountain Utilities at 719-322-2010.


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