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Peeps, kids and a rolling stone


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Easter – oh my word! I told you spring was coming, and now here she is.

This year Easter is going to be different; I'm not just talking about the pandemic, I am talking about the Easter I get to spend with my 15-month-old grandbaby. Oh, happiness in abundance! Of course, the Easter Bunny has dropped some things off at my house for our Sweet Miss Violet; how could he not?

I have always told my kids that the Easter Bunny and I are friends, and what with the snow or freezing cold we often get at Easter that "The Bunny" would call me and ask me to do him a favor and hide the eggs for him in the afternoon when the snow melts or it warms up. It's a good thing to make friends with the Easter Bunny – I highly suggest it.

Our kids would be dressed in their finest outfits for spring: my son in a little bow tie and fancy-dress pants, girls in lace and hats with gloves. It was glorious, the smell of glazed ham filled the air and the kids were giddy while they tugged at those uncomfortable outfits. Candy is such a good bribe, though, to keep them dressed until the egg hunt was over. Have to get those perfectly candid Easter photos. Funny that those pictures never showed the meltdowns of the Princess because the Prince found more eggs than she did. Ah yes, those were the days, weren't they?

This year we have been invited to the grandbaby's house for the Easter festivities. They are busy parents, so we are having a cook-out of hot dogs and hamburgers. I am making a dessert and some sides. The egg hunt will be a hoot to watch as she tries to figure this out. An older cousin, age 7, will also be there and the competition will be fierce, I am sure. Of course, "The Bunny" has left something for both of the girls with me and I will deliver and spend time playing with them and all their goodies while trying to avoid stickiness... I love kids and everything about them, but get my fingers sticky or a spot on my clothes gets sticky... I will just pass out and die. It's a total "freak out" from me.

So, marshmallow Peeps are going to be in attendance like they are every year but honestly, I don't think we have ever eaten them; they dry out and we throw them away... Peeps are a decoration more than a sugar source to us, I guess, but we have to have them, don't we? It's tradition. Jelly beans! Gotta have those too, a big bowlful... do you eat them? We do now; I only get Jelly Belly brand now, after years of pitching those other kind into the trash on the Monday after the holiday. At some point, we will sit and try to figure out the flavors as we munch on them... the rest of the year, not so much.

How did we get marshmallow Peeps and jelly beans from a stone being rolled away? I will never know, but I am grateful for them both.

The message here, I believe, is LOVE.

Love your faith, love your family, and celebrate them all ways.

You can contact Alice at [email protected]


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