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Update on bills of interest to us


Last updated 3/30/2021 at 12:02pm

It has been a busy several weeks at the Capitol, and I would like to mention several bills that were of great interest to constituents of House District 21.

HB21-1106. Safe Storage of Firearms. This bill passed in the House along party lines and was sent to the Senate. This is what the bill is about. The bill requires that firearms be responsibly and securely stored when they are not in use to prevent access by unsupervised juveniles and other unauthorized persons. The bill creates the offense of unlawful storage of a firearm if a person stores a firearm in a manner that the person knows, or should know, that unauthorized person could access the firearm without permission. Unlawful storage is a class 2 misdemeanor.

This bill also requires licensed gun dealers to provide with each firearm, at the time of a firearm sale or transfer, a locking device capable of securing the firearm. Transferring a firearm with out a lock is an unclassified misdemeanor punishable by a maximum $500 fine. Also, this bill has requirements for annual reporting to the CO Department of Public Health and Environment. If money is available, set up a safe firearm storage education campaign.

HB21-1103. Concerning implementing the recommendations of the media literacy advisory committee in elementary and secondary education, created pursuant to House Bill 19-1110. This bill also passed along party lines. Very simply, this bill makes requirements of the CO Department of Education to create and maintain an on-line resource bank for the media literacy curriculum. Materials would be selected by a committee and then school districts, charter schools, institute charter schools and board of cooperative services can access the materials to be used in the media literacy education. The last part of this bill requires CDE to review and adopt revisions that implement media literacy within reading, writing and civics standards.

I do not believe that it is the legislature's business to be creating curriculum or creating a list of "must use" materials. As a former teacher, I was offended that some legislators felt it was their right to dictate curriculum and materials.

HB21-1113. Income Tax Deductions for Military Retirement Benefits. This was my bill which, unfortunately, did not make it out of committee. My bill was a continuation of former Representative Lois Landgraf's bill HB19-1060 which began the deductions of state income tax for a portion of military retirement. My bill increased the amount to be deducted each year and the deduction could be used through 2034. The committee's reason for postponing my bill is that the current bill (HB19-1060) has several years before it would be completed. I will submit this bill again in the next session.

I am always grateful for the people who email opinions on the bills that are coming to committees or to the House floor. To contact me: [email protected] or 303-866-2946.


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