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County seeks public input for road safety plan


Last updated 4/14/2021 at 9:45am

This map shows some of the locations (marked by colored dots) already noted by residents as having some unsafe quality. Residents may add other locations along with notes explaining why an area is dangerous.

El Paso County is working on a new Road Safety Plan to help position the County to reduce deaths and serious injuries in El Paso County and to make the county a safer place for all whether riding transit, walking, biking or driving (or riding as a passenger) in a vehicle.

The public is invited to provide comments and help map specific locations on roads where they have experienced or witnessed significant safety concerns.

This plan utilizes a data-driven approach to improving safety in the county through first analyzing crash data for the region to understand where, why and how crashes are occurring. This plan will guide El Paso County and partner agencies in improving safety through implementation of recommended countermeasures based on the safety data analysis, road safety audits and a prioritized list of projects, ensuring the county continues in line with the state in their history of utilizing state and federal roadway safety dollars effectively in fatal crash reduction.

As a part of this effort, El Paso County is conducting an analysis of safety data in the county, identifying priority locations for further analysis based on the results of the crash data analysis and stakeholder input, identifying countermeasure solutions for those priority locations and conducting road safety audits at 10 priority locations. The project team will also develop a toolkit of best practices to address those key factors, create a prioritized list of projects, a resolution stating the county's support for Towards Zero Deaths, recommendations for improving safety beyond infrastructure solutions, and a final report and implementation plan.

Throughout this process the county will work with transportation safety stakeholders, coordinate with state partners and seek input from Colorado residents. For more information on various aspects of this project and to provide your own input, visit:

Using an interactive map, residents can pinpoint specific locations of concern as well as see which areas have been identified by other residents already.

The El Paso County Road Safety Plan Project Team will incorporate this feedback into the plan including, but not limited to, identifying emphasis areas, selecting proven countermeasures, and in developing an implementation list.


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