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Go West, young Atticus!


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Our big dumb baby dog is finally two! Happy birthday, Atticus!

Who would have thought that the both of us would have survived this long, but we have. My fear, though, is this... Will he have "the terrible twos?" Has our trouble only just begun? I am going to hope that that whole rule about dogs aging faster, the seven years to our one year, will be applicable... That would mean we have a 14-year-old boy on our hands. Awkward and goofy? Gangly and smelly? Fascinated with bodily functions? Check to all of the above. Oh well, at least there won't be the sports shoes in the corner stinking to high heaven... I got this!

For Atticus' birthday we are trekking off to Washington state. We are going to see our son and his fiancée as well as a few other family members. So, we are loading up the RV and we will take a nice leisurely trip through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and then to Washington. I was born there, so we may wave at the hospital as we go through my birth place. I am so looking forward to getting away and seeing different terrain; I am so very done with my beige surroundings. I want to see some green!

My son has been telling us of the beauty he has discovered and all the plants that are edible in the great Northwest. Do not get me wrong here: Colorado is my home – my children call it home too – but we must venture out and see what else this big, beautiful world has in order to appreciate where we call home. So, we will see the coast and the northern border to Canada by his place. He can see the border from his front door – cannot cross it – but can see it, two blocks away.

When we leave, we will cruise down the coast and pop in and visit some more family maybe at the Oregon and Washington border. We then hope to continue on to the redwoods. Not sure how passable the roads will be in a 40-foot-long RV towing a car, but we will see what we can see. We have masks loaded into the RV for us already and will be wearing them everywhere.

Old Man and I have had vaccine #1 and upon our return will get #2. Our daughter gets #1 this morning and also will get #2 when we get home. I am so looking forward to some normalcy! Masks are uncomfortable and such a nuisance to keep track of, and mine always tangles on my earrings. My daughter has little cartilage in her ears, so they collapse with the pull of the ear loops and often spring off of her face, but she has managed fairly well at keeping it in place because she feels it begin to go.

We will be leaving the parrot, Colby, and the cat, Zoe, here at home with great caregivers and house sitters. Our chickens will be cared for by a neighbor who has been our neighbor a long time. He lived across the street from us before we moved, liked it here when he visited us and still wanted us as his neighbors, so he and his young family moved out here down the road from us. Makes it a smaller world...

As we travel, I will write our adventures for you. I will keep you in the loop so to speak.

Have a great spring everyone!

You can contact Alice at [email protected]


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