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Sea sickness on an RV is real


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Hello, I am in my RV in a cute place called Ellensburg, Washington. We are camped for the night alongside the Yakima River; it is so green and pretty here, not beige like home. Tomorrow we will see our son. I am beyond excited.

The journey here would not be a journey with me involved if there were not some unusual stuff, right? Like the RV itself... yes, oh yes, what fun issues could possibly arise after the last debacle? Well, put on your reading glasses... it's not as bad as last time – I hope... so far...

As you know, this is a "new to us" RV, but it's not "new"... so you expect certain things to show up. A wise friend told us, "Don't use your propane when you pay for electricity at a campground. Conserve your fuel." Excellent idea! So, we bought two little ceramic space heaters like our friend has. It was cold and stormy when we left and we envisioned a warm cozy night in the RV after the icy, snowy, slick-as-snot-on-a-windshield road conditions in Wyoming.

As we hooked up and set up in our campsite, the final thing was to plug in our little heaters and settle in after a long day of watching my husband drive. In all honesty after that, what I actually needed came in a glass bottle and a stemmed glass, but I had space heaters instead. Plugged them in and they started to run and stopped. Both of them. Old Man must investigate! Welp, the electrical outlets on the one whole side of the RV no longer work. He searched for a fuse box, and could not figure out what the heck was wrong. We went to bed and heated with propane, headed out to Montana in the morning.

We have airbags in the RV, yup... under it. They automatically fill and deflate to level and stabilize the thing so you don't have to drop down leveling jacks or anything... kinda nice. Until they stop working and one side goes flat and we tilt to one side. Like a boat sinking. Yep, we are the Titanic! Going down the road, it isn't so noticeable or annoying; but when you stop to camp... you're listing to one side. When you walk throughout the cabin you feel the movement or jiggle of every step. Let us not forget one way is uphill or downhill, so sleeping with your head downhill we can all agree is just not fun. So, motion sickness is a thing even while camped. Did I mention my husband's driving? It makes me nervous.

Two stops in Montana, first one in Billings at the cutest campground ever on the Yellowstone River. It was still cold, but woke up to big chunky silent snow falling – gorgeous. Second night was in Missoula at a campground/trailer park... it was the strangest thing... won't go back there – rude folks, too. Another day of Old Man driving makes me a bit nervous. But the weather got warmer.

Then that brings us to here, Ellensburg, Washington, and 78 degrees. I have had a lot of thinking time on my hands (Old Man isn't one for a lot of conversation, and the teenager has headphones in her ears), so I got ... me. I read signs and truly ponder the origins of the need to post them. One such sign: "Jesus is the leader of this valley." Why did it need to be posted like that? Had it been challenged? Was there a gentleman's duel, and the victor had to be proclaimed? It was not affiliated with a church; it was just there on the side of the road. I had to wonder, was there a vote for who the leader should be? Well, I didn't care, I was just grateful that I knew who was in charge because my husband had the wheel and I really wanted Jesus to take over... Whew!

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