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Many here have a long track record of supporting veterans


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Dear Editor,

As a longtime citizen of Fountain (56 plus years) and a former El Paso County Elected Official (Fountain-Fort Carson School District Eight Board of Education- 8 years, District 4 County Commissioner - 16 years, and Mayor of the GREAT City of Fountain 8 years); I feel compelled to respond to a letter in the 9/15/21 edition of our local newspaper the El Paso County Advertiser & News aka The Fountain Valley News, written by Brenda Miller.

Right off, let me say that I am sure her comments were meant for good. However, as she advised she has "actively" sought out a representative with a proven track record of supporting Veterans. If, in fact, she did her "searching" then she would be well aware of the fact that for years and years and years every elected official as far back as one can remember, as well as many appointed officials, all business and civic minded individuals and ALL private citizens have a long track record of supporting and holding in sacred respect and Honor OUR VETERANS. There is NO DOUBT that El Paso County and the cities within are ALL committed to OUR VETERANS. Certainly some more than others, but the support and true non-relenting strength for our men and women in uniform cannot be denied.

Also, I am sure, that she is certainly aware that not just one person, especially if serving on an elected board, can do anything alone--- It takes a leader who can and WILL bring ideas and plans forward to share and hopefully get a majority into agreement with these plans and ideas for worthwhile projects. Of course citizen buy-in is paramount, as is that of the paid staff who must understand the goal and assist in the overall implementation, etc. (like back when I approached then Councilmember Patricia St. Louis about how much our community needed its own veterans memorial, and we contacted one of the Fountain Valley's most beloved veterans, Frank Montoya to see if he would lead a project with support from us and others on council, city administration and staff, other veterans (especially Jerry Bryant,) to get our Fountain Valley Veterans Memorial built. It took a lot of dedication from mostly volunteers, but by working together, the dream was achieved!!)

ALL public servants must be willing and able to work tirelessly, honestly and fairly. In my opinion, most do just this! But as I've previously alluded to, there are always exceptions to the rule from time to time.

In closing, returning to the subject of OUR VETERANS, I feel it is important to point out another person among us who is also equally involved with our City Government – and who is 100% working for and with OUR VETERANS – because she happens to be married to one: Dr. Detra Duncan is the proud wife of Larry Duncan, U.S. Army Veteran! 

Detra is currently a dedicated and hard worker for us on the Fountain City Council, she is a loving wife and mother. As well to her credit, she has attained a Masters Degree in Public Health and a PHD in Organizational Management. Needless to say she is quite ready for the next step to become OUR Next Mayor of the Great City of Fountain.  Detra's main goal is to be a representative for OUR CITY, and each and every person in OUR CITY!

Jeri C. Howells


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