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Is the RV all it's 'cracked' up to be?


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It is fall. The leaves are changing in town now (out here, the grass is brown). There was even a day or two where the temperatures were an indication that autumn was here. Time for the soup pots to come out, the chilis to be made (as well as gumbo in my house); baking of apples and pumpkins, everything. I'm thinking of Christmas already in the back of my mind. I know we have to have other stuff first, like Halloween and Thanksgiving... I have got, for myself, a fairy godmother outfit so I can be a part of a Halloween trunk or treat somewhere... wink wink. I always think ahead. It gets me in trouble sometimes.

It has occurred to me that a lot of people were following our "RV Saga Part 1: Christmas" and our "RV Saga part 2: Spring." So I figured you might like an update: That behemoth of an RV still sits! It is one huge lawn ornament! It took so long to try to get the windshield replaced that the insurance had to close the claim, then reopen it and call another company to do the work. So, we waited... and waited... Now, finally they have an appointment for us to take the RV in and get the windshield done. We need to be careful transporting it and hope the remaining window does not fall out and that the tape we've had on it since the beginning of May is still holding and will last on our bumpy dirt roads. Fingers crossed. That is just the first repair of the many that need done. We may never go RVing again! There are so many issues – all easily repaired, supposedly. But, none the less, the issues need trained and licensed professionals to do them to have it all covered by our insurance. Such a pain!!

The other day I thought it was a good time to go out and retrieve things from the RV for the winter – things you don't leave during the freezing months – and pull all of the bedding and towels in. Well, new dilemma: tons of mouse poop... not just in one! All over!!... On the bed, in the cabinets, on the dash, on the sofas, and of course on the kitchen counters. My daughter and I flipped out and left. We will tackle it again with gloves and masks and vomit bags... I am beyond grossed out! I am really beginning to think we may be more of a hotel and resort kind of family.

We are going to Washington in January to see our son and his fiancée, hopefully in time for the arrival of their first baby, a little girl. They have decided she will have two middle names, one to honor my oldest daughter and one to honor the fiancée's father who passed when she was 16. I think it's a lovely name. She will be named August Amber Dean Trulson.

We will not be taking the RV, we will stay in hotels, so I am investing in disinfectants now. We will rent a car with four-wheel drive to get up there and to navigate the area. As you know, snow comes in January and February, so we need reliable transportation. Oh, and for the record, the trains do not go that far north in the winter and you cannot rent vacation homes because they too are closed for the season. Must get ugly... I will let you know, of course. Off to get mouse traps!!

Update at press time: Got a call from the windshield folks this morning. They got it, and when they unwrapped it...guess what? It was freaking broken...ugh! So, RV Saga continues indeed!!

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