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And the Carrier of the Month is... Connor Salter


Last updated 10/6/2021 at 10:04am

This is an unusual situation. As many readers know, carriers get nominated for Carrier of the Month by their customers. Connor Salter has been the Circulation Manager, in charge of hiring and coordinating carriers, since 2020. While he's not an official carrier, any time the paper has customers who aren't close enough together to create an entire route (four houses here, three houses there, etc.), Connor delivers the newspapers to those houses. Evidently he does a good job, because several months ago one of his customers emailed the paper to say how pleased he was with the service. Here's what the customer said (one sentence changed to leave out the address):

"I do not know the name of my carrier, or if there is more than one, but I do want to compliment [him]... No matter the conditions, he walks the paper up to my door. Even as he passes the inescapable, quiescent papers bearing worldly news abandoned by other retreating carriers to weather the odds on my driveway. Knowing that he voluntarily left the warm, protected confines of his safe transport to endure the harshest of conditions known to the most practiced of postmen, all the while tuning out the vociferous neighborly howls of proximate canines, he remains steadfast and determined to always deliver.

"As I sometimes have to bundle up to trek outside – thru ice, snow and wind, to gather my other papers on random parts of my yard (if even visible) – I always find the Fountain paper right at my doorstep. Thank you so very much for the extra effort."

Best regards, Dr. James Faulkner


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