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Hot Boots!


Last updated 10/6/2021 at 10:07am

I ran across this Pueblo story with a Fountain connection. It happened in 1900, but certainly times have not changed. Even though it is a stretch, there is a railroad story here too!

William Black lost a pair of fine boots from his shoe shop on Union Street one afternoon. He had stepped out for a few moments into the shop next door. Billy Tenant was at work in the back part of his shop, so it was not empty. Two young fellows came in and talked about ordering some shoes. They slipped out just as Black retuned. The two employees were busy for a few minutes, and then noted the vacant spot in the front window display. The item missed from the window was a pair of new fancy boots. The boots were more fancy than normal, a special offer by a new maker. The police were summoned and sent the local "beat" officer around. An investigation by this patrolman was soon looking for missing boots.

As it was discovered the two men had gone over to Union train station, two blocks away, and got tickets out on the Santa Fe's Denver train with tickets for Fountain. The officers telegraphed to Fountain to watch for the two and the boots, and arrest the parties. Late in the day a reply was received stating that they were not found on the train. They could have gotten off at Eden or Pinion.

Further investigation turned up the boots! The lovely hand tooled boots were now in another window. Mr. Black was summoned to a shop just around the comer from his. The boots were found at Stewarts's clothing store, where the thieves had sold them for $20.25. They had also given Mr. Stewart quite an interesting tale. As he had not seen Mr. Black's window display, he bought them. It is assumed that the money was used to get the railroad tickets. The two were not apprehended, and Black put the boots in a more secure location! I assume they eventually were sold, but for more than $20.


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