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The Story of the Bell


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I told this tale quite a long time ago, but I have been asked recently about it. I have also been told that it is now gone! Well, read on and get the real answer.

When I taught at Aragon Middle School, there was an old bell, mounted on the comer at Main Street. At lunch time, teachers sometimes stood there at lunch time. Yes, if you lived nearby you could go home for lunch, but that is another story. The reason the teachers stood there was to control the number of students across the street, mainly going to Barney’s store! The well known grocery store where they bought (or stole) candy. Teachers limited the numbers to two or three.

The bell came from the 1904 school, which stood over on the same block facing Race. It originally housed all the grades, but later, when the town grew, a new High School was built on Main. Constructed in the 1930’s it became the Elementary when the new High School was built on Santa Fe in the 50’s. The old High School became the Junior High. The old elementary was torn down, and the bell which used to ring for the start of school, as well as other warnings, was mounted on the corner.

In the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s the junior high school changed considerably with new additions. The bell remained there until Aragon Middle School was fully modernized. When the latest building was added it included a nice new library. In the library, hanging from the framing of the skylighted ceiling is the refurbished bell.

In one week, a few weeks ago, twice I was informed that the bell was NOT there! I am assured by the staff at Aragon Elementary that it is still safely looking down. I cannot imagine anyone trying to get it down! When the new high school was built, and the old one became Fountain Middle School, Aragon changed to an Elementary. Now the middle school is in their grand new building.


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