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City needs change in governance


Last updated 10/27/2021 at 11:32am

I've read the letters to the editor, with great interest regarding the upcoming Mayoral/Council election in Fountain and would like to take a moment to offer my thoughts.

The City of Fountain deserves strong, vocal, intelligent, caring, educated, professional, thoughtful, insightful, and perceptive leadership.

In 50 years, I've not seen a council member, "fix" City streets, but they've all run for office using that same, old and tired slogan. Meanwhile, citizens are fed the same old story of no money, not enough revenue. And YET when Old Dominion Trucking wanted to build a new, several Million-dollar trucking terminal they couldn't make it work with City Planning, City Council or City Staff and guess what, the very next year they built a beautiful new trucking terminal in Colorado Springs. Revenue lost.

The grocer that backed out of opening a store in Fountain has now opened two, one in Salida and the other in Poncha Springs. We could have had one here but it's the same story as above. Revenue lost.

A successful and viable business, that wants to grow must be able to negotiate and know how to compromise. And believe me, City business is real and its "big". But they don't have to negotiate or compromise. Citizens have been told, by Council, that if businesses and developers don't like the rules in Fountain, they can go someplace else. And obviously many do. And yet, City government continues to grow.

Fountain is close to 40,000 in population and it's time for our elected officials to recognize a change is needed in governance.

Citizens are weary of the same old nothing and would like to see something new, designed to affect them directly, in a positive way. It's time for new eyes, creativity, challenges, and opportunities. Detra Duncan has a doctorate degree in Organizational Management. What an opportunity for change, for the better! To say it's a marathon, not a sprint is tiring and overused by every not for profit and government in the world.

Detra Duncan is curious and creative. I believe she will look at the opportunities and challenges and will make an effort to see that the quality of life improves for Fountain citizens. She is an Army wife and knows the difficulties and struggles that military life can bring. I would like to see her share and bring to life her wealth of knowledge, experience, education and drive to get it done. And get it done expediently.

I support Dr. Detra Duncan for Mayor of Fountain.

Fran Carrick


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