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Mountain View Electric Assoc. considering implementing federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates-and they will lose multiple employees


Last updated 11/3/2021 at 9:28am

By Caleb F. Brent, an employee of Mountain View Electric

As a federal contractor, Mountain View Electric Association (MVEA) has until December 8, 2021, to comply with the Biden Administration's vaccine mandate. (MVEA is considered a federal contractor because they have a contract to provide power to Schriever Air Force Base).

The contract for this was in place before the vaccine mandate was implemented. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that MVEA is exempt. MVEA may choose to comply because of a perpetual contract mindset. 

Abandoning this Contract with the federal government may not have any negative effect for the company. If MVEA members and management changed their mind about being a federal contractor, another power utility contractor could simply move in to maintain and upgrade their system as needed. (The federal government is not short of resources or money.) Also, the federal contract is of little monetary value to MVEA.

MVEA is also seeing unprecedented growth in the Falcon/Peyton area and shifting company resources away from Schriever Air Force base could actually benefit the company. (If the issue at hand is about money entirely, MVEA leadership and members must consider the losses of their employees in regard to a federal contract.) Is the federal contract worth losing multiple employees with valuable experience? (As an employee of Mountain View Electric, in the Falcon office, I would estimate as many as 10-15 employees in Falcon to resign or be terminated if the vaccine mandate goes into effect.)

As members of Mountain View Electric Association, I ask you to consider the employees of MVEA and to determine if vaccine mandates are of any benefit to your company. After all, many employees in this company work outside and away from others for many hours during the day.

MVEA is a great place to work and its employees are great people- who don't deserve to face termination (punishment). As an MVEA employee, I ask you for your representation, and thank you in advance for offering it, if you choose to do so. 

God bless you!

Please call your MVEA Representative, to voice any concerns on this issue:

Joseph D. Martin, District 1 (Limon, Genoa, & Karval)- 719-775-9562

Rick L. Gordon, District 2 (Limon, Simla, Agate, Yoder, Rush, & Ramah) - 719-541-2804 Errol Hertneky, District 3 (Elbert) - 719-775-2610

Milton L. Mathis, District 4 (Peyton & Calhan)- [email protected]

Kevin L. Paddock, District 5 (Fountain)- 719-338-8902

Barry R. Springer, District 6 (Falcon & Peyton)- 719-495-9482

Jim Riggins, District 7 (Monument)- 719-282-8757

Next Mountain View Electric Board Meeting Is November 16, 2021 at 9:00 AM in Falcon.


Caleb F. Brent


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