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Another Accident?


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A report was seen in a November 1899 newspaper of an incident in our neighborhood. This tale came from one of the many little newspapers that I search for material. This story states that an accident had occurred on the Denver and Rio Grande railroad south of town.

Rumors, as relative to railway accidents usually are, were of the most wildly exaggerated sort. This tale said that the train, making a speedy entrance to Colorado Springs narrowly escaped total destruction in the waters of Fountain Creek. There had been many interesting accidents north of Colorado Springs, including one that was blown off the tracks at what is now the Air Force Academy! This one, however, was south of town, north of Kelker.

Not twenty minutes delay was actually caused, however. The facts in the matter are as follows: the rails near a bridge spanning a steam off Fountain Creek, about three miles south of Colorado Springs, spread, just as the northbound passenger came on at 5:35 in the evening. The baggage car was derailed. Passengers were transferred across the bridge and brought into the city by a short train that had been waiting at the station. The passengers waited a short time at Colorado Springs depot while a maintenance crew rerailed the baggage car. The train went out 30 minutes late only owing to the efficiency and promptness of the railroad's employees. The spread of the rails was probably caused by the recent snow melt soaking into the ties and loosening the spikes. Men were at once put to work repairing the track at that point, and it was all right for the remainder of the day's trains.

Trains still derail for strange reasons. Only back in 2019, one derailed just one wheel as it passed under Woodman Road. The train continued to down to Garden of the Gods Road before it caused a problem. There is a side track there, and the wheel caught on it. The railroad spent many months repairing the damage. The wheel broke dozens of the concrete ties as it bounced along the track. That is one of the problems with concrete ties.


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