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Anybody in the mood for a kind of fast food that's not food at all? Welcome to the Big Mack! Mack is a Pittie with a beautiful coat and a sunny disposition. He's loving, friendly and loyal, with a big Pittie grin and a goofy personality. He loves to play with toys, and walks well on a leash. He's good with older kids (due to his size!) and is well-socialized with other dogs. This big baby needs a home. Please give him some real food for thought! (I have a feeling he'd love to share those fries...)

With the holidays coming up, I'm sharing a FB post (slightly edited) that I read today (which applies any time of the year): Please, do NOT give Rawhide treats to your dogs. We nearly lost our two-year-old pooch, due to a very large blockage in his stomach. Rawhide is not digestible, so can build up in the stomach and also cause damage to the intestine. If we hadn't taken him to the emergency vet on Sunday, where they operated straight away, it could have been a very different outcome. He is now on the mend, but may have to have another operation, as he has internal damage. The bill came to $1,600. In addition, as much as you hate to waste turkey or chicken bones, and your pup is drooling and begging, do not give cooked bones to dogs either. Chicken and turkey bones can splinter like timber and cause severe internal damage. Other cooked bones are also dangerous as they can lodge in the gums. Also, remember to keep chocolate well out of reach too, as this is highly toxic (as are raisins and grapes).

AARF rescue has other dogs and puppies available, in addition to the features. We hold adoption fairs at Petsmart on Powers Saturdays 11-2: 2965 N New Center Pt., Colorado Springs, CO 80922. For more information, call Julie at 375-1200, or Cathy at 761-5320. You can also write [email protected] We are desperately in need for foster homes at this time, and have a need for volunteers in many capacities. No "job" on your part is too small to make us (and some doggies) happy. Also, if you foster, there is no financial responsibility on your part at all. Thanks so much for considering adopting from AARF! Facebook: AARF Colorado; website:


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