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Nighttime is cat play time


Last updated 11/9/2021 at 5:03pm

Oh My Word! One word: Zoe! The wicked cat from the depths of all things evil.

This cat is not just making my nights sleepless, but the really very sad part about it is that I understand why she is up and crazy annoying all night. The question remains though... WHY ME?

You see, Zoe by nature is sweet and loving and wants nothing more than to be loved on and in return she gives you purrs and bright blue eye blinks. She is beautiful. She was here before Atticus the big dumb baby dog. She got used to him being around, and when she would bat at him for being annoying her claws never came out, it was always just a warning. They made peace and could dwell in the same house and even remain in the same room... Sometimes.

Now we have Baxter the floppy pup; he has not learned that the cat is off limits and she does not enjoy his company. He just knows that she would be a fun thing to make squeak because she hisses so much. Baxter is always looking for a good time. At 5 1/2 months old, this little Basset Hound is nothing but a good time... all of the stinkin' time. Thankfully he has Atticus to play with, and thankfully Atticus has Baxter – because without each other, the trouble would be incalculable. Now their playtime can be too much for indoors and we shoo them outside when they act foolish (and honestly "foolish" is the name of the game, sooo...) The white parts of Baxter are brown with dirt most days, but he is happy. Zoe, on the other hand...

Zoe avoids the conflict with the overly friendly floppy pup by hiding in our bedroom and napping the daylight away. It must be a cat self-preservation thing. As a result, at night she is up and runs the house; dogs are in their kennels and cannot test her squeak-ability, so she is free. I do kind of wonder if she doesn't go dance in front of the kennel doors and tease them a bit, I think I would...

This extra energy the cat has overnight is due to her sleeping all day, but I tell you, I do not appreciate her shenanigans!

She walks on the top of my pillow and my hair to get to a glass of water on my night stand, she calls me by name half the night, "Meoom," and wakes me up... Sometimes I wake up and she is there sitting in front of my face staring into my eyes just waiting for them to open so she can call my name again: "Meoom." It is creepy. She pounces and bounds all over me in bed – not the old man, no, just me! She loves me, so I am told...

I gotta tell ya, I could handle a little less kitty love and a lot more knockout sleep! Especially after the gorgeous and most magical wedding I attended Sunday.

Congratulations Tyler White and Breanna Johnson of Security on becoming Mr. and Mrs. White.

You can contact Alice at [email protected]


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