Foreign Radio Stations and Language Lessons


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Here we are, still stuck mostly at home for another winter. Looking for ways to get out, even if it's only mentally, I've discovered internet radio.

It's easy to get started. I went to (with 33,000 stations around the world) and on a whim I typed in Ireland for a search function. That got me 15 stations in Ireland. I tried Canada, and that netted me 44 stations. Searching for France, I found 798 stations. I went with a French talk show aimed at seniors and have been able to test the free French lessons I've been taking online with Duolingo.

If you get hooked on listening to the radio on your computer, you might consider investing in a good pair of speakers. I prefer the wired speakers, as opposed to struggling with Bluetooth connections, and a decent set can be had for less than $25. I'm still using a pair of 3-inch cube speakers with a very handy volume button that I purchased seven years ago.

As for the free French lessons on Duolingo (, I've decided to start again at the beginning. There are four goal levels: casual, regular, serious and intense, meaning 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes per day of instruction. Now that I've found that French talk show, not to mention all the other 797 French stations, I'm going to get more serious about learning French.

On there was an offer to get a free phone app at the App store or on Google Play, but you can just click the green arrow for connection. One thing to keep in mind about radio apps for phones or tablets – they do use data. If you're on a cellphone plan, make sure you are using Wi-Fi, or be aware of how much data you are using. You can always listen on the computer.

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