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Fast draw update: The quick, the dead, and the generous


Last updated 11/24/2021 at 10:11am

Submitted photo

From left, Gunnison Ford, Dirty Rotten, and Quigley hang out in front of the "saloon," where the fast draw action takes place.

Editor's note: The newly formed Dirty Face Gang fast draw club was featured in this paper on Aug. 25, 2021. This update is provided "in character" by organizer Rick Driver of Fountain.

Howdy Gunfighters, Dirty Rotten here. I wanted to write a short story about something I recently witnessed at our most recent Club shoot for the Dirty Face Gang here in Ellicott, Colorado, with Cowboy Fast Draw. We just had our first non-sanctioned event, "If Ya Ain't First Yer Dead" event, which means you're not getting nothing for second place cause "Yer Dead" Contest.

Well, some of the San Juan Shootists showed up to enjoy the great Colorado weather in November and to have sum fun. Mongo, Wench and Quigley helping us get our feet up under us and guiding us as our new club as it is starting to grow. We even had three new shooters wanting to sign up and looking into joining the CFDA at our Saturday fun shoot.

What I wanted to share is what I witnessed after the shoot. As with every event I have ever attended in my short year and a half of being an alleged gunfighter, I am getting better, just sayin'. I saw everyone spending time with the new folks sharing stories, giving advice and showing some techniques with tips on getting better and faster. I noticed one of the younger guys taking a particular liking to Mr. Quigley and listening very carefully to every bit of advice he could absorb. If you know Quigley "fastest draw I know," he always has that very unique bullet carrying case for his rounds in the shape of a coffin with a cool scull on the lid. Well, I copied his coolness and crafted our first-place prize in the same shape and design, just handcrafted and painted with our sayin' and logo, "If Ya Ain't First Yer Dead."

Submitted photo

Mr. Quigley of the San Juan Shootists displays the coffin-shaped first-place prize after a recent fast draw event in Ellicott.

Well as I am sure you expected, Quigley didn't get Dead like me and won first place; and as you can see with that big Quigley smile, I think he liked the new one, just sayin'. After the smile ceremony and customary congratulatory handshakes were given out, I heard Quigley say "Hold on!" He ran to his truck where he had already put his gear away, he pulled out his old coffin carrying case and walked up to the new kid and said, "You can have this one." That young man held it as if it was a 30-ounce gold nugget in both hands, and the smile probably lasted till the following Tuesday. It was as if John Elway just gave the kid his game jersey, and you could see we just got a new lifetime Gunfighter.

This is the exact reason I become enamored with this sport and why I will do this till I can't; it's the genuine people that live the Cowboy Way and are Giants in real life, just sayin!

If interested in the sport, please check out or contact Dirty Rotten at [email protected]

If Ya Ain't 1st Yer DEAD,  

Dirty Rotten

Dirty Face Gang


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