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It's almost Christmas: Time to get yourself in gear


Last updated 12/14/2021 at 3:08pm

Wow, we can count the days until Christmas now. It’s not months or weeks anymore. I know for some it strikes panic in you, and for others it is just fun. Usually for me I would be so excited, but this year feels so different to me. On one hand, I am excited. On the other hand, I am just … “Meh.” But, then on the other hand, I cannot wait to see people open up their gifts… I have about 14 hands right now, evidently. I feel in another hand, the “why bother” — again, with just the three of us here, it seems rather dull.

We are told that on Christmas Eve we will have our grandbaby and her parents over for a bit, after they visit other family. That part will be fun. Though if the truth be known, that little 2-year-old girl will be tuckered out and done with the day from over stimulation and probably more sugary sweets than a tiny body can handle. Then she will come here and guess what I’m going to do… feed her more sweets and stimulate her all over again. It’s Christmas and I’m grandma!!

I know Christmas is more than gifts and pretty trees, it’s about faith and the birth of our most precious gift. It is also about family and people we love and like most of us I am struggling with all of our travel restrictions and the risks of people I love contracting this Covid mess. We have lost so many people that we know, we hate to risk anyone. Death is permanent and there is no stone to roll away for us mere mortals. Nor is there a re-start button. I love the people in my life enough to say, “please be safe and stay well” to them in hopes that we will have other Christmases to get together in the future… I did not say that I like it, because I don’t, not one bit! I have faith though, and hope and that will have to carry us through.

It is not feeling like winter at all though, not a snow flake and 70 degrees, I think Mother Nature forgot about us and winter in Colorado. Though she has been pretty busy messing up some other people’s lives with floods and tornadoes across the country, so maybe it is best we sit unnoticed and not seek out her wrath right now, huh?

I have made out a massive stack of Christmas cards and we have begun the 12 days’ tradition in our family. For 12 days, we deliver onto the porch of a family a little gift, ring the doorbell and hide. The first night has a cover letter so they know that it will continue and also asks them to take their time answering the door and not shoot at us. It is a time of giggles for us, and hopefully fun for the family who receives it. This year we chose a family out here, there are no trees to hide by. No fence to crouch behind. And a really long driveway to have to run down to hide back in the car. I fear this year we will be found out earlier than we hoped. Oh, to top things off, my headlights cannot be shut off unless the car is in park. What nimrod decided that was a safety feature?

Maybe I will just put coffee in their gift sequence and just walk it up there and tell them I am coming to visit for the remaining nights and to please make coffee that I will be needing every night. We will see how it goes; I, of course, will keep you updated.

My coffee has gotten cold and I mustn’t drink it that way this morning; I like it hot and I hear the coyote hollering out a victory so I am worried for our chickens and Guinea foul — they are not super intelligent birds. The coyote calls out often in the dark of the morning, but today he is nearer than normal. I need to get that caffeine coursing through my blood for as soon as there is light, I have to see if there has been a massacre in the back yard or in the chicken coop. Life on the plains requires coffee, it is just that simple. At my age you cannot expect me to just pop up and say “good morning” with all of my faculties intact, I mean, you just can’t.

Life presses on and so we must also… despite fear and despite hate we must seek out love and light and I find it in a nice hot cup of dark coffee. Where do you get your get up and go from?

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