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Learning to brush it off


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So, I've been thinking.... Yeah, I know, scary! But... You know, there is a morning news program that asks celebrities to write letters to their younger selves. I just watched a movie too, that has the lead character played by Ryan Reynolds meeting his younger self. I love this concept!!

...But then I wonder what could younger ME glean from this older and more experienced ME? What have I learned that could even make a difference in my younger ME's life? I know: Deep thoughts, right? What have I learned in my lifetime? What wisdom would I share? Would I encourage that ME to be forgiving so that this ME could have let that stuff go... Whew... Yeah, deep, way too deep. Let's say I would tell that ME where the kid who had the best hiding spots was hiding when we played hide and seek as kids... Yeah, that there is the wisdom I would impart upon that young, tender ME.

I really do not want to look back and realize what I might have saved myself from; I mean I could have saved ME from some serious disciplining and some bad relationships, sure. To teach ME forgiveness though? What a task, and I have had to forgive a lot! I don't mean to forget, simply to forgive so my heart wasn't clouded so long.

I could have gone back to the new mom ME and said "cherish every second with this child and protect her from ALL of the evils in the world"... Would she still have died? I believe there is a plan and maybe the big stuff is best left in the Almighty's hands, don't ya think? Maybe I could have gone back and told the grieving mother ME that I would get through this pain and I will learn to laugh again and I will know joy and forgive my daughter for leaving ME before her life had fulfilled what I thought her purpose was. Again, forgiveness...

I may not be able to go back and teach that younger ME that life has some bumps and sudden drops, so be careful... but you know what, I made it through and all the stuff that ME went through has made this ME the ME that I am today.

At least the ME that I am continues to try to not be judgmental about people who order their morning coffee with so much milk and sugar and syrup that you could pour it over pancakes. I know now... "to each their own..."

I try really hard not to yell at the lady in the car next to me applying her makeup while complaining on her phone about that barista last week who made her coffee taste too much like coffee while her little Johnny is in his car seat playing on his tablet that travels with him everywhere... (Let's not get me passing judgment about children being unable to human connect.) We are stopped at a red light for less than a minute, I noticed all of this in that short time.... What was I doing? Judging? Oh, not ME... that was the young ME just popping in to see what this old ME was up to, right? I am so much better than that now...(wink)

So, I think I will accept ME for who I have become and I will wear the scars of my past to remind me not to go back and make that same mistake again... yeah there is a possibility of that ... So onward ho and away we go to infinity and beyond. May all your falls be with great style. Remember to always stand up again, brush the dirt off, and keep going... That's the lesson I have learned.

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