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I-25, Charter Oak Ranch Road, other MAMSIP updates


Last updated 4/15/2022 at 10:20pm


Colorado Department of Transportation and SEMA Construction continue work on the various improvements on I-25 between South Academy Boulevard and Santa Fe Avenue. Current work includes widening the Clover and Dry Wash Bridges, constructing substructure for the I-25 bridges over South Academy, hauling dirt and building up the embankment for the I-25 roadway.

Colorado Department of Transportation and contractor SEMA Construction, Inc., have provided this update on the Military Access, Mobility & Safety Improvement Program (MAMSIP) funded through a federal BUILD Grant, impacting commutes on I-25 and other areas in and near Fountain.

Much of the current work includes widening the Clover and Dry Wash Bridges, constructing substructure for the I-25 bridges over South Academy, hauling dirt and building up the embankment for the I-25 roadway.

Traffic speeds have been reduced to allow construction equipment access to the work zone located in the median. DO NOT FOLLOW CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES.

There will be a left lane closure on southbound I-25 (between South Academy and Mesa Ridge) Monday, April 18, through Thursday, April 21, during evening hours to allow crews to perform subgrade work on the median embankment.

There will be alternating left and right lane closures north- and southbound on I-25 Monday, April 18, and Tuesday, April 19, during daytime hours so crews can perform emergency pothole repairs.

April 2022 Project Update

Interstate-25 Rehabilitation

Work includes concrete surface treatment to provide an improved riding surface for this 7.5-mile segment, widening the inside and outside shoulders to 12 feet, installation of median barriers the entire length of this corridor, widen four bridges and installing infrastructure to support transportation technologies and lengthening of deceleration lane with Colorado Highway 16.

March 2022 - Accomplishments

• Erosion control measures

• Embankment placed (30,000 cubic yards)

• Temporary drainage pipe placed for future detour crossovers

• Maintenance of existing roadway (potholes, pavement markings, and guardrail replacement)

• Substructure (footer, abutment, pier and column) placement at Dry Wash and Clover Ditch Bridges

April 2022 - Upcoming Work

• Continue construction at Dry Wash (Mile Post 128.34) and Clover Ditch (MP 131.2) bridges on I-25.

o Girder placement

o Begin superstructure

• Embankment and structural section placement continues throughout project ( MP 128 - 135)

• Construction of cross overs for traffic switch

• Traffic impacts:

o Intermittent daytime and nighttime lane closures

o Nighttime speed limit reduction to 55 MPH during construction hours

o Eleven-foot width lane restrictions with two-foot shoulders

o Commuters will continue to experience a lane shift on northbound I-25 beginning at MP 128 and continuing to MP 135 as work continues on the piers and footings for Dry Wash and Clover Ditch bridges.

o Commuters will also see increased construction in the median as embankment material will be placed to construct the future southbound detour.

I-25 Bridges over South Academy Boulevard

Work includes replacement of two bridges on I-25 crossing over South Academy Boulevard.

March 2022 Accomplishments

• Steel piling at Bridge (I-25 over South Academy)

• Reinforcing steel - substructure (I-25 over South Academy)

• Soil nail wall installation

April 2022 Upcoming Work

• Continue demolition work on next phase of I-25 Bridges over South Academy Boulevard

• Continue bridge substructure work at South Academy Boulevard

• Continue installation of soil nail wall

• Construction of pier and pier caps

• Traffic impacts:

o Nighttime lane closures

South Academy Boulevard

CDOT and El Paso County will be finalizing the construction plans for South Academy Boulevard along this mile and a half stretch. Work will include widening to three dedicated lanes in each direction from I-25 to Milton E. Proby Parkway, scour protection to improve the reliance of bridges crossing Fountain Creek, and noise abatement.

2022 Upcoming Work

• Scour protection work at Fountain Creek

• Drainage installation

• Utility Relocation

Charter Oak Ranch Road

Work includes roadway, drainage and structural improvements to improve the entrance to Gate 19 of Fort Carson.

March 2022 - Accomplishments

• Utility relocation

• Storm water drainage installation

• Excavation and haul embankment to I-25

April 2022 - Upcoming Work

• Work will continue on Charter Oak Ranch Road between Santa Fe Avenue and Fort Carson Gate 19.

o Continue waterline installation

o Roadway construction / excavation

o Earthwork continues east- and westbound on Santa Fe Avenue and Charter Oak Ranch Road

o Drainage

o Fence removal

• Traffic impacts:

o Motorists should expect to see intermittent single lane closures Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Flaggers will be available to assist motorists as needed. These lane closures will continue intermittently through spring 2022 to complete the following w

Construction Begins on Phase 2 of Colorado 94 Safety Improvements

Construction begins in mid-April on Phase 2 of the CO 94 Safety Improvement component of MAMSIP.

Construction consists of an addition of an eastbound turn lane between North Franceville Coal Mine Road and Blaney Road, and installing a signalized "jug handle" intersection at Blaney Road, thereby removing slowing traffic from the passing lane, and greatly improving efficiency of eastbound traffic. This phase of the project is expected to be complete in December 2022 (weather dependent).

"We are excited to get started on this phase of the Colorado 94 project. It will ensure greater efficiency and safety of military personnel, their families, the overall community and with transport of equipment to and from Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base and Fort Carson," said CDOT Regional Transportation Director Richard Zamora.


The CO 94 project comprises of three elements, each aimed at improving safety and efficiency along the corridor:

Addition of a westbound passing lane, increasing efficiency and safety conditions between North Franceville Coal Mine Road and US 24 - COMPLETE

Instead of a standard left turn, from the left lane to northbound Blaney Road, left-turning traffic will use a ramp on the right side of the road; thereby, removing slow moving traffic from the passing lane, and greatly improving efficiency of eastbound traffic

Installation of fiber optic cables from US 24 to Enoch Road, enabling future installation of 'Intelligent Transportation System' elements along the corridor and also enabling high speed communications for future planned development - COMPLETE


The safety enhancements relate to the potential to reduce crashes, improve infrastructure, and address physical deficiencies that contribute to crashes in the corridor. CDOT conducted a safety assessment for the corridor to evaluate the magnitude and nature of safety problems and analyze the causes of crashes.

The proposed transportation improvements are mitigation measures to reduce crashes and improve safety in the corridor. These improvements include a westbound passing lane, intersection signalization, and turn lanes to address and significantly reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents.


The two military installations connected by CO 94, Peterson and Schriever, are the global headquarters of NORAD and the Department of Defense's (DOD) operational center for the Global Positioning Systems (GPS), respectively. Together, they employ approximately 15,000 military and civilian personnel.


Charter Oak Ranch Road

Eastbound daytime traffic along CO 94 is characterized by recurrent congestion caused by steep grades, limited opportunities for passing, and a high volume of slow-moving heavy vehicles traveling to the Waste Management Landfill – Colorado Springs. The heavy vehicles tend to queue up in the (left) passing lane of eastbound CO 94 beginning more than a mile before the turn off to the landfill on N. Blaney Road. This limits sight lines due to queuing of heavy vehicles, coupled with steep grades which leads to the regular occurrence of significant accidents.

For additional information about this project:

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