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Pray for Snow!


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Absolutely! Pray for snow...pray that we get a substantial amount of moisture between now and mid-June. Pray that our water storage will be at capacity before summer. This includes the Arkansas River watershed from Pueblo to Leadville. Why?

Recent history tells of two mighty weather events in Fountain, which were disastrous for me and many of my neighbors. A few years ago, we had storms producing softball size hail. Softball not golf ball, which would have been bad enough to total some vehicles. Softball size hail struck and dented my sunroom roof. Seventeen made direct hits. My Dodge Caravan remains my dimpled darling. Another mighty event took out a lot of carpets! About ten years ago, it rained six days straight...24 hours a day. Fountain is named for its Fountains. And that means that when the water rises underground water tables surpass the depth of our basements. Water poured into basements at the seam between basement floors and walls. Now you know why many people have sump pumps and that is why I had to buy new carpet to cover my garden level floor.

Look at the geography surrounding your house, neighborhood, and Fountain. Make certain your downspouts channel runoff away from your basement windows. If you are on the downslope of a hill, watch to see how water flows above your property and make certain it flows away from your yard. One former neighbor raised the level of his yard by installing a small above ground swimming pool, which had the effect of blocking the flow of water from my yard into his. My other neighbor built a wooden berm, which had the effect of preventing runoff flowing around his house. Instead, it now runs onto my yard. He moved.

I live in Country Club Heights. The south end of the subdivision has an agricultural ditch running through it or underground in parts. Two ponds sit below south of the ditch. Once there were more ponds where Mesa Ridge Shopping Center sits and beyond. The drainage eventually joined water seeping toward Jimmy Camp Creek, which eventually merges with Fountain Creek near Old Pueblo Road. Tributaries drain surrounding subdivisions, and one can witness eroded gorges and small ravines in area parks that lead to Jimmy Camp Creek.

My point is that better we have snow, which can be slow to melt, than to have downpours, which might cause flooding. Take a look at Fountain Creek. On the south end a trailer park in Royalty was moved because the creek has had substantial water flowing through it...Enough to endanger the cliff sitting before the trailer park. On the north end, west of Walmart and other stores, the Fountain Creek has eroded its banks similarly to what has happened near Royalty.

Pray for snow and for it to melt slowly. Hope that it drains into the Widefield Aquifer!


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