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Crime Stoppers Seeks Fugitives


Last updated 4/26/2022 at 3:02pm

Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers is asking for assistance in locating the following individuals for whom felony arrest warrants have been issued:

AMBER ROSE HANEY is a White Female, 26 years old, 5'5" tall, and 125 lbs., with red hair and green eyes. HANEY is wanted for Child Abuse – Knowing/Reckless Cause Death.

THOMAS DEANDRE IVERY is a Black Male, 33 years old, 5'11" tall, and 166 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. IVERY is wanted for Unauthorized Absence – Agg., Kidnapping 2, Felony Menacing w/Weapon, Assault 3, Violation of Protection Order, False Imprisonment, Theft, Criminal Mischief, Reckless Driving, Failing to Report Accident, Harassment, Child Abuse, Possession of Weapon by Previous Offender, Assault 2 and Violent Crime w/Weapon.

RASHAWN JULIAN MARQUEZ is a Black Male, 19 years old, 5'6" tall, and 122 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. MARQUEZ is wanted for Murder 1 – Att., Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct – Discharge Firearm, Prohibited Use of Weapon (3), Assault 3, Tampering 2, Harassment (2), Obstruction, MVT – Agg., Reckless Endangerment, Child Abuse, Violation of Protection Order (5), Carrying Concealed Weapon, Marijuana Possession, Driving Under Restraint, Driving Under Influence (2) Speeding (2) and False Info to Pawn Broker.

THADDEUS JAMES MERCADO is a Black Male, 30 years old, 5'10" tall, and 140 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. MERCADO is wanted for Assault 2 – Strangulation (2), Harassment (2), Kidnapping 2, Felony Menacing w/Weapon (2), Assault 3 and False Imprisonment.

ROBERT LEE PORTER is a Black Male, 41 years old, 5'10" tall, and 220 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. PORTER is wanted for AWDW Serious Injury, Indecency with a Child, and Sex Offender – Failure to Register.

PAUL WESLEY POST is a White Male, 37 years old, 5'5" tall, and 200 lbs., with brown hair and hazel eyes. POST is wanted for Kidnapping 2, Use of Stun Gun and Harassment.

CHRISTOPHER MALIK WIGGINS is a Black Male, 18 years old, 5'5" tall, and 110 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. WIGGINS is wanted for Robbery – Agg. w/Weapon (3), Violent Crime w/Weapon (3), Violent Juvenile Offender – Weapon (3), Felony Menacing w/Weapon (3), Carrying Concealed Weapon (2), Handgun Possession by Juvenile (2) and Defaced Firearm.

JOSEPH MICHAEL WOODS is a White Male, 23 years old, 6' tall, and 200 lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes. WOODS is wanted for Assault 2 – Strangulation.

Warrants VERIFIED 4/20/2022.

If you have information regarding the above fugitives or any serious crime, call CRIME STOPPERS at 634-STOP (634-7867) in Colorado Springs or 542-STOP (542-7867) in Pueblo. You are not required to give your name, and you may earn up to $1,000 in CASH for information provided to CRIME STOPPERS.

Callers with these tip numbers should call (719) 444-7866: 277-M19438, 277-C19510, 277-C19605, M18897, 277-C19955, 277-C19772, 277-M20004, 277-M19552, 277-C20366, 277-M20402, 277-M20755, 277-M20459, 277-W20763, 277-C20907, 277-M20990, 277-M21073, 277-W21062, 277-W20845, 277-W21055, 277-M20852, 277-C21259, 277-M20995.

Rewards may be collected up to 90 days after the date of board approval. A current list of featured fugitives wanted in the Pikes Peak Region is available on the Crime Stoppers website,


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