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Last updated 5/10/2022 at 3:29pm


Hi folks, pictured here is Shasta, a dog who is, well, waiting for you. Please check our website for more info on her. We still need fosters and permanent homes for our dogs (if a dog pictured is not available between writing time and publication, apologies) please see web address below.

This week, a little more walking down memory lane. I've been wondering, how did I come to love dogs so much? I'm not sure. My dad had a Shepherd when he was 17 and I treasure the picture I have. When I was very little our family had a collie named Sable. As the story goes, Sable was sad; she missed her mom, and had to return. But what I learned later – decades later – was that Sable had been hit by a car – and we lived on a dead-end street, so I'm thinking it must have happened on the busy cross-street in Atlanta. My parents had substituted another "Sable." When we moved to Maryland for a brief period, she did not come with us. Unbelievably, I never gave the missing dog a thought, so consumed was I with the new environment, missing the old, making a couple of friends and yet feeling generally sad. We moved back, eventually into the home where my mom at 92 still resides. In that home, we got Gemini, a Shepherd-mix (who my father insisted was purebred, not knowing why he was shaggy and his ears didn't stick straight up) – and adored him – and then – he too was gone. He had roamed to the neighbors and killed some chickens – and that was that. It's like all of childhood was a blur. My parents were not bad people; as children, we simply did not question our parents' decisions.

But in revisiting these times, I really don't understand why we had had no fences, why dogs just roamed. We just didn't; our neighbors didn't. I was young; I gave it little thought, or I was a child who did not think things through. We then got a corgi, who nearly choked on a lamb chop bone (NEVER give those) – my father's hand down the dog's throat – lots of blood – and the dog survived. My father was so crazy for that dog that when he (the dog) passed, my sister and I got him another corgi. Back then, it was just natural to go to a breeder. As it turned out, that dog was my father's supreme joy when he was dying of cancer. The timeline here is off, but when I went to college, I dropped out for a semester and worked in a restaurant, and liked taking walks at night. I thought to myself, I need a dog to protect me, and went back to Georgia from North Carolina, into the Humane Society, and got a sickly pup. I didn't know he was so sickly. I lived for about a year on nothing but a Dannon yogurt and then dinner, so I could afford the vet bills. And, strangely, I think that THAT was when the love affair began – as well as my education concerning dogs/shelters/puppy mills and the like, and I've gotten strays/rescues ever since. I'm not trying to make a big point here, just to share some memories. The dogs I have brought into my life as an adult (both dogs and myself) have been so wonderful, yet our time together so brief, due to their short spans. I am and will forever be grateful I was able to experience canine love, both to and from.

AARF has placed a few pets in the last few weeks, but we still REALLY need fosters and permanent homes. We hold adoption fairs at Petsmart on Powers Saturdays 11-2 (2965 N. New Center Pt., Colorado Springs, CO 80922). PLEASE CHECK the website/Facebook for any updates (such as inclement weather. Sometimes the fair is right here in Fountain at Tumbleweed Kennels). More info, & call any time: JULIE at 719-375-1200 (land line) or Cathy at 719-761-5320. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Facebook: AARF Colorado to see who might be your next best friend!


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