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This is Tootsie! She's about 30 pounds, and about 1-1/2 years old. She sports an underbite like a Boxer and looks like a miniature Akita. She's very friendly with other dogs, especially the 3-month-old puppies Tumbleweed has; she plays Momma or big sister. Sweet Tootsie doesn't dig, but has been known to climb a chain-link fence to visit with her dog friends. There is not enough room here to share what to do about a climber/jumper, but it's easy enough to Google. Note: Sometimes behaviors in boarding don't carry over to the home, but it's best to be prepared. My Willow, for instance, was a known digger, so we put down chicken wire on the interior of the whole dog yard. I don't think she even attempted to get out; I think she became really happy. But we also don't have any close neighbors so there's little temptation outside her world here. Like I say, be prepared anyway. (I've had to dock her allowance for a bit.)

The name Tootsie takes me back to childhood when my brother was about 5, complaining to our dad there wasn't enough tootsie in the pop. My father (by the way, a huge dog-lover) wrote the company and demanded (OK, probably asked nicely for) an explanation. I forget the explanation, but they sent a huge box of the pops. So now you know: Complain. Take action. Ingest sugar! Better yet – adopt a dog named Tootsie: less fattening, fewer resultant calories, and a lot better to snuggle with than a soggy tiny stick, right?


AARF also still has Buddy and Paris. They really need homes. Please call for more information even if you are simple able to only foster at this time. Boarding dogs is hugely expensive – thank you in advance. AARF holds adoption fairs at Petsmart on Powers Saturdays 11-2: 2965 N New Center Pt., Colorado Springs, CO 80922. HOWEVER, SOMETIMES THE FAIR IS ON A SUNDAY. PLEASE CHECK the website/Facebook for any updates (such as inclement weather, also). Sometimes the fair is right here in Fountain at Tumbleweed Country Kennels. More info, & call any time: JULIE at 719-375-1200 (land line) or Cathy at 719-761-5320. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Facebook: AARF Colorado. Also try Tumbleweed Country Kennels is also on Facebook. YOU CAN NOW VIEW DOGS AT TUMBLEWEED ANY DAY OF THE WEEK – PLEASE CALL AHEAD: 719-382-1126 (You now need to dial area code for every call).

Wishing you a safe and fun holiday; remember, a lot of dogs are petrified of fireworks, so keep the pups in mind.


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