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Summer Heat: Hydrate and go easy


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Okay, have your neighbors finished up with their fireworks yet? I remember living in Security, and even when it was banned there was always a display by folks in the neighborhood. We didn't have to go anyplace, just sit in the lawn and watch the sky. Out here it is a different thing; our grasses get so dry and the fires here can be so horrific that usually it is taken very seriously. Our fire department did not do their usual show due to the dry weather we have had. Most people out here stick to the rules, so there was no booming or banging or any kind of light show... There were a few hoops and hollers down the road from us, but they had a big gathering of people and it did not go late into the evening. The 4th came and went quietly into the night.

Due to the very recent rain, we have just now dropped to fire restriction level 1. Thank God for those rains, the beige now has a tint of green to it and I am kind of liking the color change! The wildflowers that we planted have not bloomed but are most definitely up and growing; blooming will happen and then I will have more color... I get giddy at the thought!

The heat is amping up and relief is hard to find, isn't it? I have found that those plastic tube popsicles are pretty good if you get the Sonic flavor ones, cherry limeade and ocean water flavors. Out here getting ice cream home in the summer is hard to manage, but those popsicles are great! I never liked them as a kid, but I did buy them for my kids when they were younger. I really did not like the flavors, like Artificial and Plastic made a baby, flavor. Gross!

Listen to your bodies and take care of them. This heat can be deadly, not just for our doggos and kiddos left in cars but for all of us left outside. We always check the ground (ours has no grass) and the sidewalks with the back of our hands to see how long we can take the heat before expecting our dogs to walk on it or even kids and bare feet. I always heard that dogs' cooling systems are in their feet and tongues... imagine having your air conditioner blazing heat at you. Eeks!

To my fellow coffee drinkers, it is okay to drink coffee on hot days! Just also drink lots of water, too. I drink my coffee early, before the heat gets going, and it's great; but for those that do not rise early, it may seem difficult to drink the hot java instead of something cold. I say, "Toughen up, Buttercup, be a real coffee enthusiast and drink it hot!" Or get up earlier... Those milky sweet fluffy coffee flavored "drinks" are for folks that don't love coffee, they want to cover the real flavor of the bean. Now, do not get me wrong, I will drink the icy concoction on a hot afternoon; it's refreshing and somewhere in all that fluff there is some real go-go juice that helps in the slump of the afternoon. I can dig it! ...but not for my first injection of the day - go hot or go home!

Seriously my friends, take care of yourselves, hydrate and go easy. Find shade, air conditioning, or some cool water to frolic in...and wear your sunscreen!!


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