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Old Man and his Veloster


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Hello this fine August morning. I stress that it is August and the year is 2022. You might ask why and be wondering if I am going to go on some kind of political rant. "That would be highly unusual for Alice," you would be thinking. Your thoughts would be correct... but I am not above a rant of another flavor, it also leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

In July of 2021, my husband took his car to the dealership to have some end-of-the-warranty work done. Yes, the warranty was almost up, but there were still a couple months left at that time. He had an appointment. When he arrived, they said, "Oh, you will have to make an appointment for your warranty work to be done..." Um, that's what today's appointment was? So, they schedule a "Warranty" appointment for August of 2021. Okay!

Again, he took the car in, they accepted it this time and told him they would be in touch. A woman was the manager of the repair shop and when Old Man called to find out the status of his car, she kept saying that they were arguing with "corporate" about his warranty. Then communication halted. Finally after countless unreturned texts and calls she texted that they were working on the car and got the warranty honored and the car would soon be done. Folks, this was late in the month of January of 2022. So Old Man had me drive him to the dealership, he was so very excited to get his baby back.

I dropped him off and waved goodbye. He went to his car, after getting his keys, and the car was dead. So the mechanics jump started the car and away he went to his barber. Got done and went to his car...dead. Called a friend, jump started it again... got home and left it running for a long time to charge it up... next morning? Guess what? Ding. Ding. You win... it's dead!

He calls the dealership, makes another freaking appointment the next day and they tell him it is no longer under warranty and it will cost thousands of dollars... "something electrical;" but it ran perfectly before it went into the dealership originally in August of 2021. Arguments ensued, politely. Then no word at all - again the dealership is silent. They have his car and we hear nothing more, no returned texts or calls. Zero communications!

Finally Old Man is firing off a rather wordy and to-the-point email to the general manager over the entire dealership. Response came along with a promise and excuses about the lady that was manager over the garage. "She was let go" so we took the GM at his word. He was to contact Old Man every week and give him an update. Of course, he wanted to offer a trade-in on a new car first, but we thought we were finally on the right track and making forward movement. We got said weekly update... once! Then a random text that they thought they had the part and he would have the car in a few short days... but nope...

Folks, it is now August of 2022... that dealership has had that car for a year less the two days it was dead, we have paid insurance and even bought new tags and paid for Satellite radio for a year... A whole stinking year to fix a moonroof and the backup camera!!!!

Oh my word!!! They should just give him a new car already ...or something!!!! COVID is not responsible for this car issue, no one can tell me that anymore!!

Okay...This rant is over, please resume your regularly scheduled reading.

You can contact Alice at [email protected]


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