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I sit here staring at my computer screen and keyboard trying to recall what I was going to entertain us all with in this week's column... but alas, I have forgotten that juicy little thought I had and how it made me smile while I was supposed to be listening to someone talking... Yes, my mind was wandering. That does not mean that the person talking was not able to engage me, I can just ...multitask, yeah that's it, multitasking! Not distracted or bored or tired of hearing that same story over and over again...

It was funny to me and I developed a few lines in my head that were hilarious; you would have liked them. Trust me.

Wow that's like someone saying, "I went to Disneyland, you should have been there, you would have loved it. We saw Mickey Mouse and had lunch with Cinderella, why weren't you there?" Maybe I wasn't there because you didn't invite me or pay my way there? Do you really need to rub it in my face that I wasn't there? I was happy for you until this very moment, I was really enjoying your stories and pictures of such happy people in your family doing all that Disney stuff, I really was until this instant; now I'm irritated at your mouth moving the way it does... Oh do not smile while telling me about the Star Wars Park and riding the Jungle Cruise... Now I don't want to hear it anymore. Couldn't you just leave it at "I and my family went to Disneyland and had a blast, look at the pictures we took of Johnny and Susie on the teacups. Grandma got sick and puked, but we had fun!" No, you couldn't do that, you had to make me feel less than because I didn't go too... Life isn't a competition, and to bait someone is not fair...

So that column I cannot remember and I tell you, "Man, you so would have loved it" is baiting you too, isn't it? So now that I have wandered around in this space, I don't like it. I would rather tell you about how wonderful life is and that I am so grateful for the fact that my job does not put me in direct harm or threaten my life in any way... unless I get stupid.

Today I am thankful for the folks that do that kind of job every day without a blink of an eye. They walk into fires. They walk in and hold your hand and save your life. They walk into a domestic disturbance. Most walk back out, some don't. They never tell their stories with... "You would have loved it, why weren't you there..." Humble.

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