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County questions


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Who requested the GIS mapping for ADA compliance? What contracts were submitted?

Commissioner Gonzales Jr., when we discussed with the El Paso County Parks Department rebuilding the demolished bridge along Fountain Creek that crossed Cruz Gulch, there was a disability ADA county parks employee. Has his job been eliminated?

Will the parks department be able to locate and remove downed trees and branches that fell last Spring?

I assume there are ADA positions in the various county agencies. Are the positions being eliminated? Will drivers still be asked to report pot holes and road damage?

There is a large county road and utilities agency that is staffed with civil engineers and survey crews. Are they being reduced?

Since you saw fit to hire a mapping agency to locate, map and study areas of ADA concern in El Paso County, why didn’t your office contract for an integrated map to include roads, flood control, utilities and proposed roads?

Will this GIS map be integrated with the Sheriff’s office to help speed up 911 calls? The recent killings involving a Sheriff deputy as published as Ponderosa was on Cypress. Google Mapping.

I attended several meetings and have been trying to follow the South Powers extension plans and the mapping of routes has been a failure. What positions are being eliminated? Will this be contracted out?


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